How do I educate myself about economics

TV viewers - economy in times of new normality

Eric Weik in conversation with Dr. Till von den Driesch (IHK Aachen) and Luna Oster (IHK Middle Ruhr Area) from the LSBTI + network of the IHKs in Germany and Lara Obermöller from the Diversity work team (IHK Middle Ruhr Area).

Eric Weik and Christiane Auffermann from the IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet in a talk.

In an interview with Eric Weik, André Feist-Lorenz and Gabi Stiegemann from the KompetenzWerk, the advanced training facility of the IHK Mittleres Ruhrgebiet, answer questions about certificate courses, IHK exams and higher vocational training.

Nika Hein in conversation with Susanne Trepmann and Stephan Stockhausen from the Manufactory for Growth about the challenges of the home office situation, which is new for many.

Eric Weik in conversation with the team of the new KompetenzWerk of the IHK Middle Ruhr Area: André Feist, Gabi Stiegemann, Johannes Willberg and Lara Obermöller.

Kerstin Groß in conversation with Joris Yidong Scholl, Fridays For Future Bochum and Gunnar Lohmann-Hütte, Friedr. Lohmann GmbH on sustainability in the central Ruhr area and in the steel industry.

Interview with Eric Weik Sandra Senftleben, organizational and cultural developer in the area of ​​“People and Culture” at NWB Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.

Eric Weik in conversation with Ralf Slabik, Managing Director of Tierpark Bochum gGmbH about the current situation, but also the visions in the Tierpark & ​​Fossilium Bochum.

Eric Weik in conversation with Dr. Ulrich Hoppe, General Manager of the German-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (London), on the consequences of Brexit for the German economy.

Eric Weik in conversation with Prof. Dr. Stephan Paul, holder of the Chair of Finance and Credit Management and Managing Director of the Institute for Credit and Finance at the RUB, about modern finance.