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Without any tears: How to make your child sleep happily alone

As beautiful as the family bed can be, there comes a time when most parents want their bed back. After all, the children keep getting bigger, but the bed doesn't. So that the whole family gets restful sleep, the step into your own cot is inevitable at some point.

However, as children get used to their sleep routine over time, it may well happen that the idea of ​​suddenly sleeping without mom and dad may not be great at first. Fortunately, there are ways you can learn to sleep alone without tears, without mom or dad having to lie on the floor next to the cot until they fall asleep.

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Introduces a reward system

When children are encouraged and praised, they really blossom and learn much faster - including sleeping alone. So if your darling doesn't want to sleep alone at first, you can put up a small board on which your sweetheart gets a star for every night that he slept alone in his cot. Yes, it can be that simple: Sometimes all you need as a reward is an asterisk sticker or stamp.

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In the beginning, it will take a lot of encouragement and praise to convey to your child that they should sleep alone in their crib that night. However, you can persuade him that this one night will make it and finally you can talk about another night every day until your darling has his first week full of stars. After a month or so, your child will likely forget to ask about the asterisks.

Tip: If your darling needs a little more persuasive skills, then it can help if you say that the doctor told Mama that everyone has to sleep alone in her bed in order to get the best sleep and be fit the next day. This is not exactly a hoax and can be that little bit that makes the difference between a convinced child and a whining child who disagrees.

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Give them two options - anything

Sometimes you have to resort to one or the other diversionary maneuver in order not to overemphasize the fact that from now on you should sleep alone. So feel free to ask them whether they would prefer to wear the blue or the red pajamas. Whether you want to sleep with the stuffed bear or the stuffed bunny. Whether the light is off or you want the night light, and last but not least: whether you want the children's room door to stay open or closed at night.

You will probably always want the door to stay open, but that's not the point. This last question can be crucial so that you can leave the room without much notice that mom has to go now.

Check it out at short intervals

In the beginning it can help if you tell your children that you will be back in five minutes. On the one hand, you can get used to staying alone in your cot in short intervals and, on the other hand, you learn that you keep coming back. Children understand that you are still there when you are not in the same room. But it is absolutely important that you are back in exactly five minutes.

It can also have a calming effect on the little ones if you tell them exactly what you have to do during the time. So tell them that you can quickly load the dishwasher and come back, or that you want to call your aunt and be right back.

Some are big advocates, others strongly oppose it, but a little distraction can also be a factor for children who are learning to sleep alone relaxed and calm audio book be. For example, "The story of the little dormouse who wasn't afraid of the dark at all"that you can easily turn on to your child using your smartphone.

Here you can find the bedtime story as an audio book on Audible. *

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Keep your routine

People are creatures of habit, once we have learned a certain behavior pattern, it is difficult for us to get rid of it. However, you can take advantage of this when you sleep. If your children always have the same sleep routine, for example reading a story together in dimmed light, then you can continue to do so in their own bed.

However, if your children are used to waiting on the floor next to their bed until they fall asleep, you can replace that with a new routine. For example, cover them tightly after the bedtime story, give them a kiss and ask them on the way to the door whether you should leave the door open or not. You already have a new ritual that you can carry out every night from now on.

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Important note at the end: The information and tips in this article are merely suggestions. Every child is different and reacts to rituals and actions in their own way. It is therefore important that you listen to your child and find out which path is best for you.

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