How much money does Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars: parenting game trend explained

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For winning rounds, the players receive rewards, for example in the form of coins or jewels. The rewards are used to buy “brawl boxes” that can contain improvements for the game characters, coins or new, stronger brawlers. The players cannot see what the boxes contain. Critics see the surprise boxes (“loot boxes”) as a form of gambling that children cannot yet see through. It is particularly critical when the loot boxes can be purchased with real money via in-app purchases, as is the case with "Brawl Stars". Progress in the game is slow if no additional content is purchased. The temptation to speed up the process through in-app purchases is therefore great.

It is important that parents explain to their children the economic interests of the provider behind in-app purchases. In addition, the young players need to understand that there is a real cost to buying virtual currency. Of course, a budget for in-app purchases can be agreed together, which can be used for the game on a weekly or monthly basis. Parents also have the option of deactivating in-app purchases via the settings of the device or the app store. Instructions are provided in the articles on security settings for Apple smartphones and Android devices.