Why are colors used to identify chakras?

Chakra: Release blockages with yoga and colors

The teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are based on the fact that life energy flows through our body, which controls our physical and mental well-being. It is therefore up to us to keep these currents moving and to harmonize them. If an energy center is blocked, we lose our equilibrium and can become physically or mentally ill as a result. Nicki Vellick from YogaLife in Graz explains how to use yoga and colors to activate the chakras in order to bring body, mind and soul back into balance.

What are chakras?

The word "chakra" means "wheel" and symbolizes the circular energy movement or an energy vortex. In tantric Hinduism, in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or in yoga, a chakra is an energy center that is present several times in all living beings. There are a total of seven chakras in our body, each of which has its own quality or meaning. In addition, each chakra is assigned its own color.

The effect of the colors at a glance

1. Chakra "Root Chakra" - red

Where: Between anus and genital area (perineum)
What: Gives a lot of energy, stimulates our emotions and aids digestion. It renews the contact with the earth and our living space.
"If we get out of balance at our roots, for example, we have existential fears, a lack of trust in ourselves and others. Pain in the lower back can also often be a sign of an imbalance," explains Nicki Vellick.
Yoga: To find a balance, you can practice the tree, for example, or the triangle. While you are in the position and breathing, like to close your eyes, imagine the color red.
Insert color: Red bedding or a red piece of clothing can also ground you and give you strength. Red candles or a red tablecloth harmonize this chakra very well, or even red light irradiation.
Tips for everyday life: Connect with the earth - go into the forest and run barefoot for a while, sit down on the earth and consciously breathe the smell of the forest and nature. Aromatic oils such as rosemary, vanilla, cedar, cypress or clove also give you roots.

2nd chakra "Sacral Chakra" - orange

Where: 5 cm below the navel
What: The sexual chakra, too, stimulates creativity, eroticism, appetite and digestion, or brings the body into flow
"If we get out of balance here, we can develop an over- or under-functioning of the sex drive, a lack of drive and listlessness", explains Nicki von Yogalife.
Yoga: Here it helps to practice asanas like the butterfly that opens your pelvis. Stay in that position, close your eyes and imagine the color orange.
Insert color: "Maybe you would like to get yourself an orange yoga mat on which you practiced, or an orange blanket. Orange bed linen can also stimulate the whispering of the bed", advises Nicki. Eating orange-colored fruits, such as oranges or tangerines, also helps.
Tips for everyday life: Nicki advises: "After the sacral chakra is the center of pleasure, enjoy life!" Eating by candlelight, enjoying meals with pleasure, and enough water or herbal tea help the chakra to regain its balance. Go for a walk by the sea, enjoy the fresh air in the forest, treat yourself to a nice bath. Scented oils like ylang-ylang or sandalwood can also help, as can a pleasant foot bath.

3rd chakra "navel chakra" - yellow

Where: 3 cm above the navel
What: Triggers emotions and relieves depression, for processing feelings and experiences, this is where our ego and assertiveness sit
"If this energy center is out of balance, we can observe aggressiveness, insomnia or a lack of assertiveness. Stomach problems can also occur", so the expert.
Yoga: A suitable yoga exercise here would be the rotating seat. All of the twists and core exercises are great!
Insert color: Wearing a yellow shirt can help you rebalance this energy center. Decorate the house with sunflowers and wear yellow scarves. The color yellow cheers up the mood.
Tips for everyday life: "Do things that make you laugh and give you joy. Laughter activates the abdominal muscles and thus this chakra too", explains Nicki. These scented oils are also very good: lemon, grapefruit, lavender and chamomile.

4th Chakra "Heart Chakra" - Green

Where: In the middle of the rib cage
What: Balances body, mind and spirit, promotes love, compassion and healing, immune system
"If we get out of balance here, we have contact difficulties, are emotionally cold or cannot separate ourselves adequately. Cardiovascular diseases can also be a sign of the imbalance," so the expert.
Yoga: We can find balance again through heart-opening yoga exercises like the camel. Also like to imagine the color green.
Insert color: Go out into nature often and experience the lush green of the meadows and forests. Green plants at home are wonderful too - as is a green skirt.
Tips for everyday life: Surprise your loved ones with small gifts, mindfully feel how their embrace feels, notice how good it is to be close. Deep, loving breathing in the abdomen and heart area also helps very well. With every inhalation you widen and let love flow into you and through you. And follow the voice of your heart!

5th Chakra "Larynx Chakra" - light blue

Where: Throat, larynx
What: Promotes communication, self-expression and independence
If we have an imbalance here, we often have neck pain. We suffer from speech disorders and cannot listen well. We are also denied access to our inner voice.
"To restore balance, the plow or the fish position is very suitable." advises Nicki von Yogalife.
Yoga: Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out. Recite the mantra HAM and imagine the color blue.
Insert color: Sky blue clothes, shawls and scarves help harmonize.
Tips for everyday life: Activate your own creativity, write a diary, learn a foreign language, take singing lessons. Make your opinion very clear and have the courage to say NO once in a while! At the same time, it is also important that you can accept a NO from your counterpart. Start listening to yourself and your breath by not speaking for a short time during the day. This will teach you to listen to others.

6. Chakra "Third Eye Chakra" - Indigo (violet)

Where: Center of the brain / between the eyebrows
What: Trust in your own intuition, concentration, invigorates charity and spiritual strength
Nicki Vellick knows: "If we are in disharmony here, then we are driven by stress, we lack the imagination, we hardly sleep, suffer from migraines or chronic colds."
Yoga: Here it helps to practice the child's pose and gently roll your forehead back and forth. Recite the mantra OM and imagine the color indigo. Meditation is wonderful here. Nicki's yoga teacher Young-Ho Kim always says: "Treat yourself to a cup of meditation every day." Just three minutes a day can be enough!
Meditation: Sit down in peace and close your eyes. Just breathe for three minutes and be there. Without fading out noises, but observing everything inside. Without reacting. Look inside.

7. Chakra "Crown Chakra" - white

Where: Vertex of the head
What: strengthens self-realization, connection with the spiritual
"If this chakra is not in balance, we feel disoriented, have a feeling of emptiness and lack. We feel mentally exhausted", says Nicki.
Yoga: The headstand can help here - also on the wall. Close your eyes there, recite a silent OM and imagine the color white.
Nicki Vellick advises: "Find a regular yoga practice, something that gets you into the moment!"