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Suprfit team blog post: Raphael - CrossFit and the non-CrossFitter

Hi Guys,

After a long summer break, the next article in our blog series is finally coming. In today's edition of the Suprfit Team series, we introduce you to a member of the marketing team - Raphael. In the following post you will learn more about him and what role CrossFit plays for a non-CrossFitter like him. Have fun while reading!

Hey guys,

My name is Raphael, I am 31 years old and have been working at Suprfit for almost exactly a year now and it is high time that I finally introduced myself after my dear teammates Timo, Steffi, Chris, Vivi and Gabi.

After finishing my social sciences and marketing studies last year, I ended up at Suprfit more or less by accident. At first I wasn't so sure whether I could really empathize with the fitness and athletics industry or the CrossFit scene. But in the end I realized that, with my affinity for sports and my enthusiasm for online trading and customer service, I was in absolutely good hands with this Supr team. The aim of the following post is to show what benefits I see in CrossFit in relation to my favorite sports.

Since my earliest childhood I have been doing countless sports in alternation and have never focused on anything, but you could also say I have never found "my" sport. It wasn't that sports such as football, basketball, table tennis or skiing suddenly lost their appeal, rather I was always interested in new challenges.

When my brother had the idea a few years ago to assemble a mountain bike according to his own ideas, I was immediately involved and developed an increasing enthusiasm for all kinds of sports that you can practice in nature. Once you have managed to conquer a summit by bike after hours of torture, it is an incredible feeling either to pound straight back down or to master technically tricky passages. What you can no longer do with the bike can be done on foot and the new passion for alpine tours was born. On the other hand, I am no longer embarrassed that I was previously transported comfortably by gondola or jeep for snowboarding or paragliding. I just love the mountain air.

In the meantime, however, I still loved playing basketball and football, because above all the team spirit, the necessary will to win and the demands on motor skills and dexterity have always been more important to me than the pure fitness idea. When a hitherto undiscovered and poorly healed knee injury was diagnosed as the cause of my unstable left knee about 18 months ago, all sports that put too much strain on the knee and, above all, difficult to control, were suddenly over. The only alternative to postponing the uncertain outcome of an operation for the time being was to significantly strengthen the leg and core muscles. To a certain extent, I was able to motivate myself for training in the gym, but unfortunately the real duel, the intellectual claim and the visible goal in the form of height or distance was missing, so that after a year I lost more muscles than gained.

Since, as I said, I am absolutely not a fan of building muscle on the machine, I thought biking and hiking would be enough to slowly stabilize the knee by strengthening the muscles. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a mistake. In many sports, unfortunately, only specific muscle groups are trained, some totally neglected and some even overburdened. In my case, in addition to the legs, the core muscles in particular would have to be specifically strengthened and this is where CrossFit comes into play.

The targeted addressing of all muscle groups, as well as the increased drive through mutual motivation and competition-like training in small groups are exactly the factors that I have always lacked in normal strength and endurance training. So I have always avoided strength training, although I had been aware of the need for a long time: How often was I hardly able to get up after 6 to 7 days on the slopes because I lacked abdominal muscles. After a few thousand meters of altitude, heavy backpacks hurt more than I would have liked in the back and the pump could definitely keep going a little longer while biking. Such deficits can be safely remedied with regular and varied workouts. A few weeks ago I was allowed to do a workout with two of our active employees and in the following days I realized where my deficits are: Everywhere 😉

In my opinion, recreational athletes like me can benefit from many of the CrossFit workout approaches if they are sensibly combined with other sports. But I also think that the influences of different sports could enrich the CrossFit workouts enormously, I think there are a lot of synergies. If I had the choice, I would also include exercises to increase reaction speed, coordination and balance in a workout in order to achieve the most balanced possible increase in performance in as many disciplines as possible.

I also find the focus on a healthy diet very interesting, although I can only partially agree with the paleo approaches as a vegetarian, but generally more conscious nutrition seems to rightly be an important topic among crossfitters.

Even if I personally cannot imagine the step to membership in a CrossFit Box, I hope to be able to gain more practical experience with CrossFit in addition to the theoretical in the future. I have definitely found the right employer for this in Suprfit.