Is there a conspiracy against FC Barcelona

“Corruption!”: Argentina superstar Messi suspects another conspiracy after being sent off

In the game for third place at the Copa America, Argentina's superstar Lionel Messi saw a dubious red card - this prompted the 32-year-old to again raise serious allegations against the South American Football Association. Even after the semi-final against Brazil, the FC Barcelona superstar had raged.

There are players who would have dropped the first bump. But Lionel Messi put up with the tussle with Gary Medel, who would also have liked to headbutt, simply raised his arms in the air innocently. Then the Paraguayan referee Mario Diaz de Vivar rushed down and pulled out the red card - not only for troublemaker Medel, but also for the stunned Messi. Even the possibility of video evidence did not change his decision.

Again no title for Messi with Argentina at the Copa America

For the world footballer, this 38th minute in the game for third place of his Argentines against Chile at the Copa America meant another frustrating end to his unfulfilled title ambitions with the national team. And: The incident prompted him to decisively renew the allegations he had previously made against the South American association CONMEBOL. It was the second time that the Barcelona superstar raised his concerns about a conspiracy. "Medel always goes to the limit in duels. Yellow would have been fine for both of them, but good, maybe the dismissal against me was controlled from above," said the 32-year-old.

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Already after the semi-final against Brazil (0-2), Messi had smelled a "referee scandal" after two possible penalties for the Argentines were not punished - and not even checked by video evidence. Allegedly, the communication to the VAR should also have been disrupted.

Messi: "This trophy is for the Brazilians."

After the renewed incident, Messi now also refused to accept the bronze medal, "because I think we shouldn't be part of this corruption. We shouldn't support it, all this disrespect for us," raged Argentina's number ten. And further: “We could have been better, but they didn't let us get into the final. Corruption and the referees don't let fans enjoy football. That ruins football, "said the angry Messi, who" doesn't care "about any punishment for his statements, the truth has to be spoken," because nobody can enjoy football that way. I hope Peru won't in the final against Brazil is also disadvantaged, but I doubt it. This trophy is for the Brazilians. "

The South American association CONMEBOL responded with an official statement that spoke of “unacceptable” and “unfounded allegations”. “In football you lose and sometimes you win. One of the cornerstones of fair play is to respect the results and the referee's decisions, "the statement said. Little consolation: Argentina won the game for third place after goals from Sergio Agüero (12th) and Paulo Dyballa (22nd). ) with 2: 1, Arturo Vidal (59th) only shortened with a penalty.