What is the purpose of electric breaking

The electric corkscrew from Peugeot

The electric corkscrews from Peugeot, with its ergonomic, contemporary, easy-to-use and elegant design, is far more than a simple tool and a must for wine and technology lovers alike. The stainless steel corkscrew with rechargeable batteries requires only light, continuous and effortless pressure to gently open all bottles, with no risk of breaking or crumbling the corks, regardless of their material and strength.

The Peugeot electric corkscrew: reinventing tradition

With its recognized know-how, Peugeot built the electric corkscrew and thus raised it to the ranks of those artistic instruments that occupy a preferred place in the kitchens and on the tables of the most discerning connoisseurs.

For over 200 years, Peugeot has been inventing and perfecting everyday objects out of the irrepressible desire to facilitate those jobs that please the senses and bring out the most exciting aromas. This intention has also been used in the subtle and demanding world of wine tasting for a number of years - with a collection of accessories for lovers of fine wines. This also includes a whole series of Corkscrewsthat combine innovation and authenticity.

This indispensable utensil is on hand at the most beautiful moments of the wine tasting and is now also available in an electric version. In this way, the full splendor of the wine aromas can be revealed in no time at all.

The electric corkscrew 'Elis' is concentrated technology, ergonomics and simplicity. Peugeot has specially developed it so that it fits on every bottle neck and pulls every cork with amazing suppleness at the touch of a finger. Stainless steel and polycarbonate give it a modern appearance and the right durability to accompany wine lovers on their explorations into the world of wine.

The electric corkscrew 'Elis Touch' is presented on an elegant charging station and impresses wine lovers with its automatic trigger, which guarantees maximum precision when opening your most precious bottles. It has a light that shows the charge level, a clever capsule cutter and an elegant housing made of brushed steel.