How did the Kardashians become celebrities

The Beginnings of the Kardashians: How Kim Got Where She Is Today

Anyone who owns a smartphone and is not completely unfamiliar with social media will hardly find a way around the Kardashians. They are just everywhere. It is actually the case that they have been in public for so long and are so omnipresent that you no longer know what this family is actually known for. We want to change that. Because as much as you may smile at the clan, you have to give them credit for being consistently good business women and for creating the demand for their brand themselves and for continuing to keep it high. Their raison d'être is actually obvious due to the high demand, if it is not already out of the question.
The Kardashians didn't just rise out of nowhere one day to usurp our newsfeeds. Nor did you break out of Paris Hilton's back room to usurp the California plastic throne. Its media ubiquity is the result of hard work, a process that began decades ago, long before Reality TV experienced its meteoric rise. And we rarely associate the person who got the ball rolling with the Kardashian empire.
We're talking about Robert Kardashian: father of Kourtney, Kim, Khloé and Robert Jr., ex-husband of Kris and former lawyer and friend of a certain football and TV star, who also happens to be accused in the so-called "Criminal Trial of the Century" was: OJ Simpson. At the latest through the TV series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which deals with the story of the Simpson case, it is now clear how the family name got out of the unknown on prime time TV. Understanding the role of the Kardashian patriarch is necessary to further understand how the entire family was trimmed for the spotlight.
So let's go back a few years and examine the family's not-so-humble beginnings to better understand how the Kardashians became America's second "first family."
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