What is the purpose of a boomerang

Boomerang: traditional hunting rifle & modern sports equipment

Originally it is boomerang a traditional throwing weapon mostly associated with the Aborigines as it has become an extremely popular souvenir and sports equipment in Australia. The reason for this is certainly the prominent paintings of the indigenous population, which often decorate the boomerang. However, it should be noted that this hunting weapon was also used in other cultures, such as Africa or America.


Origin & characteristics

The Aborigines used the recurring boomerang to hunt birds. The young indigenous people of the Down Unders, on the other hand, used the throwing device rather playfully, which enabled them to learn how to use it skillfully at a very early age. Depending on the shape and profile, their flight characteristics differ from each other, which enables variable use. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of designs. For example, there are models made of wood, bone, metal and various plastics. In sport it is of course important that the throwing instrument comes back to the thrower as precisely as possible. Originally, however, this was not the case in Australia. The actual throwing sticks (kylies) of the Aborigines only flew straight ahead. The simple purpose of this was to make them fly far and more accurately.


Weapon & sports equipment

The boomerang used for hunting was considerably heavier and larger than today's sports equipment. With a size of up to 1.30 meters and a weight of around two kilos, this hunting rifle could be thrown almost 100 meters. Furthermore, the kylies were also used as a club or digging stick. In 1770, James Cook discovered the first boomerangs in Australia and brought them back to Europe from his trip. In the 1930s, the throwing device was finally given a new use. From now on, the multifunctional hunting rifle was used as a play and sports device. Nowadays the sport has become so established that there are boomerang clubs and even world championships around the world. This sport is particularly popular in Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia.


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