Have you been declared a woman

17 women reveal: "What I would do if I were a man for 1 day!"

"Let your mind wander and tell me honestly, what would you do if you could be a man for just one day?" Our colleague Nadja Kupsa asked women from various industries this question. At first we thought that the answers would be very one-sided and that most of the respondents would either play with their penis or have sex with a woman right away. But that wasn't the case ... we got answers that really touched us. Answers that show once again that men really have many advantages in our society and that we are far from being on an equal footing.

Anna (27), editor

"Parking without at least one man stopping on the street and seeing if I can do that anyway."

Hanna (29), management consultant

“I would go to one of my meetings and see if there are any differences. Am I perceived differently as a man? Taken seriously? How are the negotiations going? I would find that super exciting. "

Sabrina (29), editor

“Going for a run at night and enjoying the way home from the subway on the weekend. Don't worry about being followed or keeping my eyes open and changing the side of the street as soon as someone seems suspicious to me. "

Clara (27), graphic designer

“I would go to a friend's house and play the Playstation for hours without saying a word. Maybe say "what's up" and then go again. "

Caro (29), mother in training

“If I had the chance to be a man for one day, I would throw myself into my best suit and apply for a job. First and foremost, I would be interested in whether, as a man, I am asked the same indiscreet questions about my private life as a woman - especially at my age. Anyway, I would proudly announce that I am the single father of a 7-year-old son, there are care times from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and that I can only work at certain times. I would be curious about the reaction. "

Elfriede (80), pensioner

"I would drive."

Nadja (30), editor and mom

"Don't shave, leave the house and enjoy the fact that you don't get stared at or judged for it."

Monika (43), kindergarten teacher

"Go to the hairdresser and only pay 20% of what I put down as a woman ..."

Christl (36), blogger

“I would write down every thought I have to understand what that chromosome is all about. After that I would of course write a blog entry that explains what makes (most) men really tick. "

Katha (41), restaurateur and mom of 4 children

“I would live my life BUT without the daily mental load. Without having to think about everyone and everything constantly, without having to bear the burden of ultimate responsibility (for family, children) on my shoulders, without having to plan and above all coordinate all appointments for all family members. I think it would be the best day of my life. "

Daniela (38), mother

"I would sleep soundly because unfortunately I cannot hear the baby crying."

Sonja (45), bank employee

"Go to my manager, go out with a better salary and know how to do it."

Silvia (34), saleswoman

"Pee standing up."

Annotation: This answer was also given by 99% of the women questioned. But these included much more creative ideas, such as: "pee against a tree, look for a wall and load it on, draw figures in the snow while peeing, pee and aim wherever you want ..."

Marlene (34), optician

"Get up, don't put on my make-up, go out and look good."

Franziska (50), coach and commercial entrepreneur

“I would have important business talks because I am sure that as a man I would achieve more. As a self-employed person in my industry, I often notice that, as a woman, I am often not taken seriously. "

Simone (20), student

"I would have sex with a woman and call her afterwards."

Verena (36), designer

"Use the last toilet paper and leave the empty roll hanging."

March 8th is International Women's Day. Use this day to tell at least one woman how great you think her is. Also, look at yourself with great respect and be proud of who you are.

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