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Russ: "We see the huge opportunity"

FRANKFURT - Marco Russ (32 years old) is one of the most experienced players at Frankfurter Eintracht with Alexander Meier (35), Makoto Hasebe (34) and David Abraham (31). Before the final spurt in the Bundesliga, the defender took a position on the most pressing questions in a media talk. "Even participating in the Europa League would be madness," said Russ, who would "regret it very much" if coach Niko Kovac should leave the club. The particular strength of Eintracht is the "spirit in the dressing room and the heart on the pitch:" The statements by Marco Russ.
Regarding the new objective: “I think when the national players return in the course of the week, we will sit down and then the coach will also set new goals. There's no point in talking around. It is clear that now that we have been at the top for so long, we also want to defend our place. Nobody knows whether it will be fourth, fifth or sixth place. We can read the table, see how tight it is. But we see the huge opportunity we have. We have a difficult away program, but if we keep our points average, a lot is possible. "
On possible participation in the Champions League: “I don't even dare to think about the Champion League. Even the Europa League would be amazing. Everyone can still remember what was going on when we last played in Europe. It was even sold out against Baku. "
Regarding the speculation about the future of coach Niko Kovac: “I would be very sorry if it came to an end here. He did a great job, taking us from being almost relegated to fourth. I think our coach knows exactly what he's got here at Eintracht. His standing is high, he has a great say. "
On his personal condition after making his comeback after suffering from cancer last year: “I have to have a check-up every four months. I feel great, I am fit and very satisfied. That is also down to the trainer. The work pays off. On average, we are better running than. This is important now when it comes to the real thing. "
Regarding the game at Werder Bremen on Sunday: “It will be very difficult. It's going to be an intense game. It's time we scored again away from home. "
To get back into rhythm with the problems: “That is really disgusting. I didn't do anything for three days, let my mind wander. Then you have to be careful. The training is adjusted at the end of the season. It is especially difficult for the older players to get back in. "
On the defensive rotation: “With the exception of David Abraham, who is our boss, there are often changes. I think that's good. Everyone has to go to the limit in training. No matter who plays, so far we have kept the level. I can still remember times with coach Skibbe or Veh, when it was clear that I would do 32 out of 34 games. That wasn't so good, there was not enough breadth in the squad. "
Regarding the age of the defenders Abraham, Hasebe and Russ and the class of the team: “That is definitely not a disadvantage. Mentally it is even an advantage. It may be the best team I've played for at Eintracht. Above all, we are characterized by the spirit, the solidarity in the cabin, the heart on the pitch. The mentality is great. "