What is your favorite linux distro

25 Linux distributions for server use

The main purpose of this article is to introduce distributions that most administrators will find useful. In the meantime, it has become common practice to be a complete distribution as a Linux xyz to call. In fact, this is wrong. Linux itself is just the actual operating system core.

Since this article is not about gold scales, tecCHANNEL may use the term Linux and mean the entire distribution. Furthermore, tecCHANNEL cannot give any guarantee for completeness. So check us out if your favorite distribution goes unmentioned. In addition, it is nowadays relatively difficult to distinguish between individual categories. The transitions are often more than fluid. Thanks to extensive repositories, you can design almost any Linux variant for the desired purpose.

Pure server distributions that do not have a client in use are rather rare. There are also server systems from Red Hat, Novell and Ubuntu, which are more intended for all-rounders. We present both pure server distributions and all-rounders that are suitable for server use.

In the following, we will briefly introduce you to the distributions. Additional details about the versions of the kernel and other important packages in use at the time this article was published can be found in the tec data. To do this, simply click on the corresponding link in the "Links to the article" box on the right-hand side.