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Horse riding for women

Rav Avigdor Nevenzahl in Hanhagos uMinhagim 16 writes that there is an Inyan for a woman who, based on evidence from Rashi (Pesachim daf 3a Rashi Ki Amar), has not written "proof על הכלי אשר היא יושבת" It is inappropriate to mention horse riding or Pisuk Reglaim in relation to a woman. Because of this, it is safe for women to wear trousers because of Pisuk reglayim, among other Issurim.

It seems riding shouldn't be done, but pants are safe, that's how I got it, see inside.

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How is Hosen Pisuk Raglayim when she is standing? I understand, if she is squatting with her legs apart (like on a horse) then it's Pissuk Raglayim. But pants are not in themselves.


I would assume it means that the outline is already pisuk reglayim. I hear the question, but I can see the pants show the outline too

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I don't know why they say that. Legs together are not split ...


But you understand, when you walk in, each leg is shown separately, as opposed to a skirt or cape


Perhaps I am ignorant, but I am not recently aware of any sources that published the Gemara in P'sachim interpreted as a ban on wearing trousers. I also know no recent sources (i.e. prior to the late Acharonim) supporting this term from Pisuk Raglayim (in the way he dated Hamon interpreted in our time), except to say that it is indelicate to speak explicitly about a woman riding astride when it is unnecessary.