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#FollowYourself: Anyone Can Become a Web Star!

Jette's photos are very special. The Berlin woman's Insta feed has its own style because she pimps her photos with drawings or photo montages. “I've always been a very creative and visual person,” Jette says in an interview with BRAVO! “Even as a child I painted and drew a lot.” The 22-year-old has remained this passion to this day. In line with this, she is studying media design in her fifth semester. "I have a lot of fun with it, you can try out so much - and implement it on Insta, among other things!" However, her social media success began on a different platform: At the age of 15, Jette opened her YouTube channel (I’mJette). “I soon switched it over completely to DIY and art because I noticed that that's what I like.” But it is often not so easy to make your dreams come true. After all, you don't know how others will react to social media accounts.


Dare to realize your ideas on social media!

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“At first I was quite nervous and asked myself whether my things would be going well,” she recalls. It wasn't always so easy for her either. The 22-year-old suffers from a chronic bone disease that makes her face look a bit asymmetrical. "I used to get a lot of messages and nasty comments about my appearance." But Jette is now about it. “My appearance is not an issue for me. I've finished with that - love yourself! ”In keeping with the joint #FollowYourself campaign by BRAVO and Instagram Germany. What the 22-year-old particularly likes about social media: "I think it's great to meet like-minded people, to build up a small community." Many young people dream of what Jette has achieved. “I get a lot of questions from people about how they can improve. Some also write that they do not yet dare, that they are ashamed to present their things in public, ”she says. “Have courage! There is always an uncertainty when starting something new. Whether with social media or another hobby.


What does perfect mean ?!

"In the beginning nobody is perfect in it, maybe it never will be, because what is perfect?", Explains Jette. Everyone is perfect the way they are. “We're not machines and don't work at the push of a button.” It is quite normal to have a creative block from time to time, says DIY talent Jette. “Sometimes ideas and inspirations just don't come at the push of a button.” Nevertheless: You must never give up, you have to set yourself realistic goals and try to achieve them. “Every day I write down five things that I want to achieve, these mini-lists help me a lot. I also do that with monthly goals. ”Supporting others is also very important to the 22-year-old.
Her family helps her wherever they can. "My 18-year-old sister totally grounds me!" Jette's tip: "Recognize your strengths, be self-confident!"