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Cars on subscription: Frequently asked questions

How does a car subscription differ from leasing? Are all costs really included? What about free kilometers? What are the terms and periods of notice for car subscriptions? Can you pause the subscription if you don't need the car for a short time? Which models are there to choose from and how often can you change the vehicle? Can trips abroad be made? Are other drivers allowed to drive the vehicle?

The answers to all of these questions can be found in the following FAQ for car subscriptions.

How do subscription and leasing differ?

With a car subscription you have more flexibility than with a leasing. Depending on the provider and the subscription model you choose, you can swap your new car for another several times a year. With FAAREN this is even possible on a monthly basis; at Sixt + with the Weekend option, even every weekend. With leasing, on the other hand, you are usually tied to the car you have chosen for a few years. In addition, car subscriptions include all costs that you have to pay for yourself in leasing.

Are all costs really included?

The monthly prices for a car subscription really include all costs except fuel costs, from tax and registration to insurance, guarantee, maintenance and repair to AU, HU and TÜV. Seasonal tire changes are also usually taken care of. This makes the monthly rates for a car subscription seem quite high compared to leasing. But if you add these costs to the pure leasing rates, you can get away with a car subscription for less. No wonder that more and more people are trying out car subscriptions, because in combination with the constantly new cars that are available, this is unbeatable.

What about the deductible for the comprehensive insurance?

In the event of damage, you pay a deductible. The amount of this differs from provider to provider or depends on whether you have fully or partially comprehensive insurance. The deductible, however, is within the usual range of € 500 to € 1,000 per claim. If you don't want a deductible at all: Sixt + also offers tariffs without, which are of course a bit more expensive, meaning higher monthly rates for your car subscription.

Can I drive as much as I can?

Unfortunately, none of the subscriptions presented here on AutoAbos has unlimited free kilometers. However, the included kilometers should be sufficient. They vary somewhat from provider to provider; But almost all of them give you at least 1,250 free kilometers per month. Some providers also calculate with annual figures and offer between 10,000 and 36,500 free kilometers / year. To get a quick overview of where you can get the most free kilometers at which subscription price, we recommend taking a look at our car subscription comparison.

Can I also go abroad?

A car subscription is similar to a regular car rental when it comes to the question of which countries you can “hijack” the car to. The regulation should therefore sound familiar to you: Most of the time, all EU countries are allowed, plus Switzerland and a few other countries. In plain language: trips to Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and to Switzerland are usually possible without any problems. Other travel countries require the prior agreement and consent of the subscription provider.

Can I only drive the car?

Here the providers divide into two camps. Everyone allows someone other than you to drive the car. Only who is allowed to be is different. FAAREN is the most accommodating. Here the second driver just has to have a valid driver's license and you have to convince yourself of it before driving. Other providers such as Cluno and like2drive rely on stricter regulation. They only allow your first-degree relatives, i.e. parents and children, to drive your subscription car, including your partner, but only if they live in the same household as you.

Can I use the car for commercial purposes?

You can also rent your subscription car as a corporate customer from most providers. Like2drive even offers a special business service: the complete care of the car, from penalty mandates to claims processing. Any other commercial use of the car e.g. B. as a taxi or subletting is mostly expressly excluded. The exact conditions for the use of a subscription car can be found in the respective terms and conditions of the provider.

What if the car needs a repair?

If a repair is pending, contact your subscription provider. As a rule, they have authorized workshops to which you then take the car. You should therefore discuss repairs beforehand with your subscription provider so that the costs are also covered. In the case of urgent repairs, however, such repairs are also possible without prior consent; however, you have to report the repair within a certain period of time (usually 3 days).

How long does such a subscription run and can I pause it from time to time?

You choose the duration of your subscription when you sign up. Depending on the provider, you can choose from short, one-month terms or annual contracts. It's best to take a look at our provider comparison. We have included running time as a criterion there. To take a break: At the moment this is only possible with Cluno, but with a certain lead time.

How often can I change vehicles?

This is similar to the term of the subscription. Usually both are identical. After your term has expired, you can choose a new car and extend your subscription accordingly. FAAREN should be mentioned as being quite flexible on this point. You can change your subscription model at FAAREN every month, and if you wish, you can also get a new car.

Which models are available?

None of the subscription providers that we present on AutoAbos are limited to a single model or make of car. On the contrary: They are all constantly increasing the selection and offer you everything your car heart desires, from micro and mini to family vans to luxury sedans, jeeps and convertibles. The usual brands are represented differently depending on the provider. Sometimes the focus is on Opel, Ford, VW and BMW; sometimes you will mainly find Skoda, Renault and Mercedes.

How do I pay for the subscription?

Depending on the provider, you pay for your subscription by direct debit, credit card or bank transfer. Issuing a direct debit mandate or credit card authorization for the duration of the subscription is the most convenient solution, because the subscription costs are incurred on a monthly basis.

How expensive is a car subscription?

The costs for the subscription range between € 199 and over € 1,000 per month. They depend on the vehicle model, but also on the duration of your subscription. The number of free kilometers also plays a role in part. As I said, the monthly price includes everything that you would otherwise have to pay yourself: insurance, maintenance, etc. Just take a look at our comparison; there we have listed the from-to prices of the providers.

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