Why are there secrets

Secret. A social phenomenon

There have been secrets for as long as people have lived together. The Nemetschek Foundation has dedicated a large, interactive exhibition to the topic, which has already been seen in many places in Germany, including Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt am Main.

Whether at work, at the doctor's or in the family - there is hardly an area in our life that can do without secrets. Secrets are not good or bad per se; there are beautiful, frightening, evil and banal secrets. The exhibition deals with the many facets of secrets.

But it is also about how the social development of the 21st century has changed the meaning of secrets: Social networks, new forms of communication and surveillance are threatening the spaces and spheres that enable secrets to arise and be kept, while transparency is the key concept not only in Politics and economics will.

We want to encourage visitors to think about the balance between transparency and secrecy.

Dr. Ralf Nemetschek

Chairman of the Executive Board of the Nemetschek Foundation

"Secret. A social phenomenon ”invites visitors to touch, try out and question themselves. A confessional, secret protocols including a shredder and drawers with secret compartments are just some of the interactive elements.

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The exhibition was designed in-house by the Nemetschek Foundation and was first seen in Munich in 2016. Since then she has been touring Germany. The Nemetschek Foundation cooperates with well-known museums such as the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt am Main.

About the Secret Exhibition

Secret. A social phenomenon

since September 23, 2020

Homburg Castle Museum
Homburg Castle 1
51588 Nümbrecht


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