Why do you prefer 1 milk

Milk and milk products for children

Dairy products for children - does that make sense?

The way along the refrigerated counter seems endless, the range of yoghurt, mixed milk beverages, quark, pudding, etc. is so huge. In particular, the selection of products specially tailored to children is almost unmanageable.

You make a good choice with products without any additives, i.e. milk, natural yoghurt, quark or curd milk. You can spice it up at home with some fruit, fruit puree or herbs.

Ready-made fruit yoghurts or mixed milk drinks often contain a lot of sugar, other additives and usually only have a very small amount of fruit.

If the child refuses milk, cocoa can be an alternative. Pay attention to the sugar content. Instant powders often contain a lot of sugar. One teaspoon of instant cocoa can contain up to four grams of sugar. This corresponds to 1.5 sugar cubes. It is better to mix a cocoa yourself from milk (with 1.5% fat) and pure cocoa and less sugar.

You can find more information about children's foods here.

Of course, cheese is also a dairy product and is also a good supplier of calcium. When choosing, you should consider varieties with a maximum fat content of 45% fat. Prefer tr. A serving of cheese is a slice the size of the palm of your hand.

Cream is also a dairy product, but due to its high fat content it can be assigned to the extras at the top of the pyramid.

Attention with raw milk: Raw milk that has not been heated is unsuitable for children as it can contain pathogens that cause food infections. It is essential to boil beforehand!