Women arent themselves partnering only female incels

Femicides: Because they are women

Murder is murder is murder - and there are no gray areas. The clarification by Health Minister Wolfgang M├╝ckstein was important: To speak of a relationship drama in the case of women who have been killed does not go far enough. It is almost always the woman who is beaten, strangled, stabbed or shot by a man because of her gender - because she is a woman.

Awareness-raising measures have now been decided for public prosecutors and judges. That's a good way. In order to be able to answer the question of whether women experience violence because of their gender, the security authorities also have to react. Investigations into the motives of the perpetrators in the direction of any misogynistic attitudes are currently hardly taking place. Methods for this have been around for a long time. In other areas of crime, just think of terrorism, it goes without saying that dangerous patterns are recorded.

There is also some catching up to do in terms of crime statistics. There is still no differentiation according to gender, although this would make sense in the case of homicides, stalking or sexual offenses in order to identify problematic developments. It is also incomprehensible that violence against women has not been discussed in a single security report.

All of these are necessary steps to be able to name what is happening in order to avoid gray areas. (Lara Hagen, May 3, 2021)