Can I silently stream a picture?

Disney + problems: the picture gets stuck or freezes - what now?


If the picture at Disney + gets stuck, jerky or freezes completely, there can be several reasons. We'll tell you what you can try to keep the stream running smoothly again.

If the picture occasionally gets stuck when playing Disney + or even stands still for a long time, there are several possible causes and also various possible solutions. On the one hand, it could be that there were buffering problems. Here it often helps to briefly disconnect Disney + and then try again. The picture could also hang up if larger processes in the background, such as downloads, slow down the transmission of the video.

You can quickly check whether the Internet connection is the problem with a short speed test that determines the performance of the connection. Restarting the router could be helpful here if the Internet has been too slow so far. Another possible solution: You delete the cache in your browser or in the settings of the Disney + app.

With fast internet, an empty cache and no other programs that could interfere with the connection, the Disney + image should now run smoothly. But if you still have problems with the picture, the only thing that helps is: wait and see. As a new streaming service, Disney + is still struggling with the fact that the servers are occasionally overloaded, especially in the evening.

You should just try again at a later point in time. You can also simply download the films and series on mobile devices, so you are no longer dependent on servers.

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