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The new BMW 3 Series:

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Two new ways

from today to tomorrow

to switch.

With the increasing individualization of automobiles, the

There are always requirements for quality automobiles in the upper category
more diverse. And more and more of the
Desire for more compact dimensions determined.
BMW has always had suitable offers for these special requests
delivered: Most compact top class
has been in the BMW range for a long time. But now it is available with one
Consistency with which you previously
couldn't buy.
BMW is realizing one with the new 3 Series
unusual technology transfer
of the automotive top class in
the compact middle class.
The new compact BMW lets now
even more drivers benefit from the innovations of the large class.
Because it offers serial techniques
which can only be found in research vehicles with some others.
The new BMW 3 Series also has
less outside length more inside space and a larger trunk volume.
The new BMW 3 Series is much more than just one
Model change.
BMW doesn't just offer a successor to the sporty compact one
High performance automobile, like it so
BMW is typical and like the BMW
3 has always represented optimally.
BMW now caters to a lot more drivers than
so far one corresponding to the time
and appropriate to their desires
Shape of automobile.
BMW enables the ambitious,
sporty drivers in the form of the coupe-like two-door 3-series a for
an extraordinary, dynamic driving experience for this automobile class.
A type of automobile that - even when measured against the high standards of its predecessor - is once again clear
has become more active.
The BMW 3 Series also fulfills as
new development step of the house
BMW but also fundamentally different
Expectations :
It offers an independent type of automobile - the classic four-door *
Limousine on the technical level of the international
Top class, but extraordinary
compact dimensions and with the
all the agility typical of BMW.

opened in the BMW 3201 and 3231

Ambitious drivers have the opportunity to experience the full fascination of BMW 6-cylinders from 21 cubic capacity
to enjoy.
And now all the capabilities of an electronic gasoline injection with overrun fuel cut-off,
which at the same time ensures significantly less consumption and a powerful
electronic peripherals made possible.
With this top-class technology
are now opening up completely new possibilities in the compact class - what
once again underlines that
BMW drivers particularly fast and
benefit comprehensively from the innovation potential that the big
Continuously developing BMW as pioneers.
Examples of this are with the new ones
BMW 3 series the service interval display,
the Check-Control security system
(from 320i) and the exact consumption display Energie-Control (from 320i).
* Deployment autumn '83

The pursuit of perfection

is not cheap for automobiles either.
But it's worth it.
For the discerning driver it is
therefore less of a question of whether he
buys one of these compact BMWs.
But rather what.
With the BMW 316 and 318i, BMW
a 4-cylinder engine program
to the choice that by design on
high compression and modern fuel processing systems
high level of performance, a good one
Efficiency, high effectiveness and
Offers economy.
With the in-line 6-cylinder engines7

Mil the new one

BMW 3 Series conquers
the technical elite new

For a driving experience like the coupe-like, two-door 3 Series,

were the constructive quality and the
International top-class technical quality as sponsors
an excellent prerequisite.
Communicate the chassis qualities
extraordinary and unrestricted fun in sport
Driving experience. Together with the
high performance of the BMW
Engines and their spontaneous
Throttle response leads to the location of the road
new BMW to a handiness and
Light-heartedness, like yourself too
higher financial terms only
can rarely be acquired.
As a four-door *, the BMW 3 Series blows up
old class categories according to modern times.
If you - like many - have been with your
Brand the high quality standard
of automobile that you need and
wish, only in unintentionally large
Buy body dimensions
is the most compact BMW
Four-door * a very interesting alternative for you.
The new 3 Series offers you high quality
Equipment and comprehensive security on even higher levels
Quality level - combined with restrained external dimensions.
And that in a body shape that
aerodynamic advantages and one
BMW typical, unmistakable
Style realized at the same time.
The BMW 3 Series have the new one from the

BMW Coupe's well-known twin headlight concept.

The low-beam headlamp is with
Equipped step reflector.
In this way, a brighter and more even illumination is achieved over the entire illumination area, but especially in the close-up area.
Also the improved illumination
the side districts increase driving safety.
This new headlight technology takes advantage of the now
used on all models
Double headlights particularly clear, as each headlight is optimal for
its task can be interpreted.
This brochure shows some equipment details and metallic colors,
only on request and at an additional cost
are available.
In use from autumn '83


m === "" - ~

Special equipment: BMW light alloy wheels,
Cranked steel roof, passenger peg.
Head restraint in the rear, metal LC paint


The new BMW 3 Series:

Driving activity and
Driving pleasure in the style of the
BMW Coupes.

At BMW, sportiness is a piece

Hereditary disposition.
Because BMW is one of the few
Automobile company that is traditional and successful in motorsport
are committed.
This constant test in sport
Competition has the character and that
Properties of all BMW products
significantly influenced.
Because a company is ultimately like
a human.
If it does sport, it is well trained,
enthusiastic and powerful.
And that came and will benefit everything
what bears the name BMW.
The experience of a construction team, sometimes under unfavorable conditions
Framework conditions automobiles for
to prepare the competition,
shapes everyone's attitude and behavior
Team member on a one-time basis
This creates that enthusiasm, the basis for a total
there is a different attitude towards the automobile.
This can be seen, for example, with the BMW
Coupes with their masterfully active driving character.
And that is the case with the new BMW 3 Series
just as much - after all, both come from a single source, so to speak.
The BMW 3 Series have an optimized
Chassis, are with a higher payload
become lighter and own one
balanced aerodynamics that are not
finally also the independent ones
BMW body character retained.
The sporty driving behavior comes
the extensive overhaul, especially of the 6-cylinder engines
The result: even higher efficiency, substantial increase in
Torques and a completely new one
Characteristics of the 323i.
That leads to a much better one
Elasticity and an increase in fur
the sportiness of an automobile
so important liveliness in middle
Speed ​​ranges.
The torque of the 323i is from
190 Nm has been increased to 205 Nm,
and that at now 4000 rpm instead
4500 rpm before.
The torque is up to 5000 rpm
noticeably higher, which is convenient for everyone
Driving conditions results in a significant improvement.
Together with the lower air resistance, the 323i achieves with
202 km / h instead of 190 km / h one as well
significantly higher top speed.
In the aerodynamic optimization, particular emphasis was placed on a significant reduction in lift forces
So could through aerodynamic
Fine work - such as the pronounced one
Front visor - the buoyancy value on
the front axle reduced by 28o / o
This leads to increased ground pressure
higher speeds and thus
to increased driving safety and a

improved steering feel.
The rear spoiler (323i as standard,
otherwise on request) reduces the lift on the rear axle by around 40 / o.
The result: an even better one
Transmission of the driving forces.
The consistent revision of the
Engine was adapted to the new,
lighter 5-speed gearbox (from 320i
standard, otherwise on request).
It is characterized by a further improved shifting quality, by reduced shifting forces and an increased
Switching precision off.
A 5-speed sports transmission can be used as a
Optional equipment can be ordered for the 323i.
The 5 gears are particularly good here
adapted to the new torque curve - this results in noticeable improvements in the traction ability for
sporty drivers possible.
Recaro seats are available as special equipment.
Also a leather-covered sports steering wheel
is available on request.

, ler new BMW 3 Series:

As versatile as

the joy of driving



The sporty adventure world of the new

3 can be accented very individually
The coupe-like two-door models are complemented by a Baur-based convertible
the new 3 series - the specific one
Kind, sporty, relaxed uhd without a roof
to ride over your head.
Alie l information about equipment and
You can provide delivery options
BMW dealers.

Special equipment: BMW Lelchtmetll "" 8lfl,
Autom ic gearbox, electr. Fe, ...., ...... "" "
Radio location, metallic ~

The landing gear
of the new BMW 3 Series:
Top class after
best BMW manner.

' 14

The BMW 3 Series has an optimized chassis that incorporates the extraordinarily powerful technology of the big BMW
transferred and tuned to this compact class.
The BMW 3 Series now offers the essential advantages of the double-articulated strut front axle of the large ones
BMW in the form of a new single-joint axle with a small positive steering scrub radius or reduced force lever arm.
The high level of performance is evident
in increased active safety,
in even higher cornering strength and
an impeccable directional stability.
The BMW 3 Series have a consequent
further developed semi-arm rear axle with 15 arrow points.
In addition to the complete bi'emsnick compensation, the reduction of the
Driving to even more driving comfort.
Serves to increase driving comfort
a new spring-damper vote.
For a sporty, forced driving style
the 323i has a tighter set-up
with roll inclination stops in the
Suspension struts in front. That secures you
even better direct contact with the road and allows higher cornering speeds.
The technical progress in the front axle construction was through
the transition on in this class
makes unusually large 14-inch wheels possible.
The Madelle 316 / 318i are with low profile tires of the dimension
175/70 HR 14 on 5 J x 14 steel rims
The 320i / 323i (otherwise on request)
have low profile tires
195/60 HR or VR 14 on 5 1/2 J x 14
Steel rims.
This type of tire completes the sporty one
Driving behavior optimal, because it enables even higher lateral accelerations or lateral guidance forces and
can thus the active driving character
accentuate these automobiles.
New alloy wheels (on request)
with the larger width of 6 J x 14
offer both optical and technical advantages.
That of the high performance of the
compact BMW always superior
Brake system has disc brakes at the front (320i, 323i internally ventilated),
the thickness of the disc chosen
a good heat absorption and thus
guarantee high stability,
and large, self-adjusting ones at the back
Drum brakes (316-320 i).
The BMW 323i has rear disc brakes in accordance with the higher performance. For the handbrake are
additional drum brakes on
the rear axle available.
A powerful brake booster reduces the pedal force when
Brake and allow yourself a lot
fine metering of the braking forces too.
The dual circuit braking system has one
Brake pressure reducer for the rear axle, covered with plastic

Brake lines, a level control

the brake fluid and sensors for
Brake pad wear with indicator light display in the cockpit.
Alie brake pads are environmentally friendly and asbestos-free.
The entire braking system is with the
Models 320i / 323i on the special equipment anti-lock braking system
designed, which is in preparation
is located.
This gives the great safety advantage even to the most compact BMW


The BMW 3 Series Four-Door: *

An offer for
many kiufe ~ those in the
highest quality
Category by one
new automobile idea
have searched.

Those who already have the highest standards in

In the direction of the quality, culture and safety of an automobile that
should once check whether not one
Active quality sedan like the one
new four-door BMW 3 Series meets personal expectations even better.
The vital BMW 3 Series is technically more complex than the middle class and in terms of form
more compact than luxury class e.
A challenge for everyone who is still
not too established to be progressive
to drive.
An exclusive automobile with the BMW
typical sporty elegance,
a four-door sedan with

decent quality values, but so

compact, dynamic and agile, like
automobiles are named after them
BMW wear.
You can tell these BMW four-door vehicles *
immediately that they come from a house that is in the big class
some of the best automobiles in the world
anbletet - constructed by engineers,
for the highest demands on technology,
Quality and performance
Standard slnd.
The compact BMW achieved through extensive work to reduce
of the noise level also on this one
Territory the culture of the bigger BMW

This applies to both the body sound transmission and the wind noise.

Serving this demanding goal
consequent measures for engine and transmission bearings as well as new exhaust systems, very effective
Sealing profiles on the doors,
specially reinforced day-to-day structures
and additional sound insulation measures.
These were specifically positioned with the help of the latest measurement methods,
what high effectiveness with minimal
Additional weight secures.
Use autumn '83


: BMW light alloy rims,

e11! 1kti. Slahlkurtlel-HebedaCh, Belfahrersplegel,

Head restraints in the rear, stereo wheelchair system,
Sun roller blind, metal paintwork



The new BMW 3 Series:

Also inside in the manner of
great class.


The already extraordinarily high level of passive safety of the previous BMW

3ers has also been systematically refined in the interior. Hard profiles and
Edges are made with soft materials,
energy-absorbing surfaces and
Molded parts disguised.
The window frames are partially covered on the inside, the cover over the
Front window (320i, 323i) is designed as a safety cushion.
The side door panels are
designed more voluminous three-dimensional, they also serve to increase
passive safety.
The center console merges into a tunnel panel next to the one on the left
arranged handbrake an additional storage compartment or a cassette holder (with special equipment
Cassette radio) and one at the back
Includes ashtray for rear passengers.
The BMW 3 Series has been completely redesigned
Seats with integrated seat height adjustment for both front seats.
Seat height and inclination are combined
ergonomically adjustable,
so that the driver as well as the passenger
individually favorable seating position
can secure.
The seats of the compact BMW were
with a lot of constructive and material things
Effort redesigned. The new 3 series
does not have full foam seats, but
elaborate and extremely comfortable
Inner spring seats, which is a very good one
Ventilation of the seat and backrest areas
guaranteed and heat build-up prevented. The new seats obey
strict anatomical requirements. They combine an exemplary one
Sitting posture through shaping and
Upholstery hard with an excellent lateral support of the body.
Seat suspension and vehicle suspension / damping are a functional unit
and therefore exactly matched to each other.
The seat anchorage and the whole
Seat mechanics are absolutely solid,
Carefully tested shelf life is an essential factor in the internal
Safety in the event of a collision.
The lower belt is anchored to the side of the seat (on the four-door and
outside) and thus made possible in everyone
Sitting position an optimal webbing guide in the pelvic area.
The high quality of the seats
are appropriate, also in the
Inclination adjustable headrest adapted. Headrests in the back give up
The actuation switch for the
electrically adjustable exterior mirror
is easy to grip in the armrest of the
Integrated driver's door.
Wide-opening, generously dimensioned doors also allow easy entry into the rear compartment.
The two-door I have an automatic entry system, i.e. the front seats move when the
Lean ahead of what to get started with
Rear space or access to the
Rear seats made much easier.

When folding back the backrest turns

the seat in its starting position
Even the anatomically designed ones
Rear seats with single seat molding
provide firm support for the body and
so meet the requirements for
comfortable ride.
The seat belt locks are sunk into the bottom of the rear seat backrest in plastic shells so they are always close at hand.
neatly and comfortably housed.
The optional equipment program
similar to the standard equipment
the characteristics of the large BMW models. The new class of the
compact BMW 3 Series:
Central locking, heating for
Driver or passenger mirror and
TurschloB, steel crank roof with
Electric actuation for the 6-cylinder models, electric windows
front or for the four-door * front and
rear, front seat heating (in preparation), headlight range adjustment for
the low beam, leather interior
for the 6-cylinder models, intensive cleaning system for the windshield
in connection with the headlight wiper and washer system, sun protection blind for the rear window.
In addition, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) for the 6-cylinder models is in preparation.
For the 6-cylinder models that became
Level of equipment once again
increased. This can be seen, for example, in the
Velor carpets on the floor and
Parcel shelf, on the more complex ones
Door panels and the higher quality ~ seat covers. Leather interior
available from 320i on request.
The trunk of the new BMW 3 Series
is lined with fleece, on the 323i
including rear wall.
'Use from autumn '83

. '




.. '- 7


, r,





Engine technology
with the new 3 series:
BMW is taking the compact class to a higher level
technological level.

The consistent use of microelectronics opens up completely new possibilities in all areas of life.
BMW has been acting consistently on this basis for a long time
and has a leadership role today
in the field of automotive electronics
This is particularly evident in the
BMW realizes here in the 7 series
technical and especially electronic equipment, as they are in
this sum cannot buy anywhere else, even with the most expensive limousines.
And at BMW benefit from this
There is always innovation potential
more drivers of more compact models.
Which, for example, is not yet possible even with some much more expensive alternatives
start at BMW now
already with the 320i in the displacement class from 21: the electronic injection.
At BMW, you achieve the high quality level of an in-line 6-cylinder
already in the economic
2-1 class. Is further enlarged
this advantage through the electronic
Injection systems of the BMW 320i and
323i, which for significantly improved
Mixture preparation and even more precise metering of the fuel
to care.
They also allow a very
effective overrun fuel cut-off up to
1200 / min, i.e. the interruption of the
Fuel inflow when you have the
Foot takes off the accelerator - all the way down to city traffic speeds. And there the 320i, 323i as well
the energy control, the exact one
Consumption display in each gear,
will have the overrun fuel cut-off
immediately displayed as zero consumption.
The driver can use this knowledge
Immediately use by means of a forward-looking, fluid driving style
and clever switching technology always
more common in many traffic situations
to activate the overrun fuel cut-off and thus to drive much more economically without any loss of mobility and dynamism.
Both 6-cylinder work with higher
Compression and reduced idling speed.
The torque became substantial
increases, especially the 323i
a completely new, even sportier one
Characteristic there.
The standard 5 in the 320i, 323i
Gear transmission made possible together
with the qualities of the 6-cylinder
a particularly energy-saving one
Driving at a low speed level.
That can already happen in city traffic
by a clear profit
Pay off profitability.
At high speeds and long distances, this will
on top of that the driving culture and ultimately
also the service life and thus the
Resale value very positive


Maintaining the best performance:

The 4-cylinder of the compact BMW.
The 1.81 versions of the 3 Series will be
equipped with modern, powerful 4-cylinder engines - at
BMW 316 with carburetor, on the BMW 318i
with mechanical injection.
Both 4-cylinder engines are on
designed for the highest degree of effectiveness, achieve a very high thermal
Efficiency through high compression and work with a temperature and speed-controlled air clutch (Visco-Lutter), which to the
low consumption also contributes
like the low noise level.
The BMW 316 / 318i can on request
be equipped with a 5-speed overdrive gearbox that
already low consumption is reduced again.
More performance with less consumption:
Progress typical of BMW.
The sum of the measures - reduction in air resistance and longer rear axle ratios in
Combination with new engine designs and lower vehicle weight - not only leads to higher ones
Top speeds, rather
in contrast to models that are one-sidedly designed for aerodynamics, too
better acceleration performance and thus more active
Security. At the same time arise
Significantly reduced consumption values, which are also particularly important for
show higher speeds.

Optimal access
to first-class technology:
The cockpit
the new BMW 3 Series.

The new BMW 3 Series has

BMW integrated all operating and control systems into an ergonomically perfect overall concept.
Field of view, seat, steering wheel, gear lever,
Displays and controls are not in their arrangement
the accidental consequence of a futuristic
Design, but result of the
Endeavor to communicate
between driver, vehicle and the environment as intensively and without interference as
possible to design. The goal:
absolute overview, effortless
Mastery of high-quality automotive technology, slicker, controlled
React and drive relaxed.
For operational safety, the
good visibility of the body
just like the cockpit, which is ergonomic in a future-oriented form
Alie operating elements are attached to prevent confusion,
Illuminated symbols indicate the
The concave around the driver
Faucet system relocated independently
from sitting position and arm length everyone
Drivers are able to use all controls conveniently, quickly and safely
to reach.
Another contribution to the fascinating driving comfort with low such as
even at high speeds it is
the optionally available power steering with falling characteristic of the
Servo pump. It varies its power assistance via the flow rate
the pump mlt the engine speed.
In other words, it becomes fully effective when parking, for example, which causes the
Car splitting with two fingers
Allowing to slow down, but noticeably degrades with increasing engine speed for top speeds.
The driver has such high speeds that it is only about small ones
Steering deflection is possible, that's what
Direct steering feeling and thus better contact with the road.

A headlight range adjustment for that

Low beam is available as an option.
Fitted to any BMW of the 3 series
a very precise, electronic one
A special comfort element is
the automatic gearbox perfectly matched to the engine program (special equipment).
The BMW automatic transmission is a
fully integrated part of the
entire drive system and exactly
on the torque curve of the
BMW li'iebwerke tuned.
The automatic selection of the most favorable translation leads to longer
Speeds and not only lowers at that time
for the benefit of the driver and the environment
the noise level, but cares
also for prolonged use of all power-transmitting devices
Aggregates, i.e. also for one more
longer lifespan of the lifeline
and a cheap tire economy.
In city operations with regular stop-and-go traffic, the optimal one works
Gear selection also has a positive effect on fuel consumption. The BMW Automatic is especially popular for trailer operation
for easy start-up on
Mountain particularly suitable.


Optional equipment: automatic transmission
Seat heating for driver and front passenger (In
preparation), radio BMW BAVARIA ELEC

Wins with the BMW 3 Series

the driver new
Room for maneuver
through a pioneering electronic

Electronics at BMW - that's a lot more

than just a sum of technical
Solutions that replace traditional mechanics. And something completely different
as disjointed individual aggregates. Rather, electronics at BMW are subject to sensible ones
Overall system. The big ones have that
BMW already successfully proven
posed. And you can do that now
also useful in the compact BMW
For example, this philosophy becomes clear
CheckControl active on the new systems (from 320i), EC energy control
(from 320i), SI service interval display.
Automatically more security:
Active check control.
From BMW 320i is above the windshield in a padded
Safety cover integrated an active CheckControl, the essential
Constantly self-checks vehicle functions and supplies even while driving.
This ensures increased operational safety. The check control
Checked: low beam, tail light,
License plate light, brake light, cooling water level, washing water level,
Engine oil level.
The active check control mediates
the driver calm and sovereignty.
Because it ensures that you don't
just because of that a security risk for
yourself and others is because, for example, brake or tail light bulbs have burned out
are. From that point of view, BMW leaves you so
drive responsibly like it
the most modern technology possible

llslert the next electronic BMW

With the service interval display
makes automotive profitability
a big step into the future.
When you go to service depends
in the new BMW 3 Series depends on how you do
drive. The electronics of the BMW
Service interval system recorded on
based on speed, engine temperature and distance covered, time and number of starts
the respective load on the automobile and shows individually
if an inspection or an oil change
due wlrd. That is usually - at
Careful use of the vehicle without unnecessary overloading of the automobile considerably later than with the subsequent ones
Average load at fixed kilometer intervals.

Drive effectively with BMW

Automotive electronics: EC EnergieControl.
From BMW 320i, fuel consumption measurement is standard.
The EC energy control shows in each
Gear to exactly in 11100 km, how much
Gasoline is currently consumed and is therefore most similar
Instruments such as so-called
Think about econometers. Comparison trips have shown that alleles
already with the help of a fuel consumption indicator that is accurate in all driving conditions
significant changes in consumption
are possible.
The energy control also shows, for example,
that sharp acceleration is allowed
3/4-gas not necessarily me ~ r
Consumption means. And that early
Shift up at low speeds the much more economical Fahrwelse
represents. The BMW Energle Control
quickly leads to the experience that in very
many situations especially Im
City traffic that is used intensively
5th gear - as standard from 320i can save considerable fuel.
And that this new driving technique as well
the conscious use more intelligent
Constructions has other serious economic consequences, signa32



Security system
at BMW:

The pearl coordinated interplay.

For one thing, the compact BMW is like that

Elaborately built, thanks to the extraordinarily high level of active safety
Chassis, engine and brake system the emergency occurs as rarely as possible. And on the other hand, he's so sure
constructed that - if a collision
was unavoidable - the consequences remain calculable. The superiority of the
BMW safety precautionary system
for this emergency is based on it
not only on the high quality of its
Individual facilities - such as the
effective crumple behavior of the
The front of the car, the fully integrated
Roof cross beam or the meticulous
constructed and carefully tested safety cell. But about it
in addition to the careful coordination of all security details
comprehensive system that the
Driver an extraordinary dimension
Security guaranteed.
The big one is created in the BMW 3 Series
Safety not through size and weight, but through the design
Optimized design of the Karc; s series structure and sheet steel profiling.
As a result, they offer the most powerful
Security technology - and are
nevertheless mobile enough for traffic,
clear and extraordinary
The gradually complementing one another
Safety system is based on the experience and quality requirements of the same BMW engineers who
also the extremely high security and
Quality of the great BMW automobiles
of the international top class.
An example of the extraordinary
intensity, with the BMW both always
Greater constructive quality developed as well as these quality toughest tests far beyond realistic
Subject to practice is the aerothermal test center.
In one of the most modern facilities
this type in Europe can not only
all conceivable aerodynamic problems are dealt with.
In addition, via an air conditioning duct and a cooling test stand, e.g.
possible in the middle of summer
Snow storm with 120 km / h to
simulate so as to function, effect
and, last but not least, to check the safety of a wide variety of aggregates.
The entire body of the new 3 Series
E.g. outside is not only in the sense of the
Aerodynamics smoothed, but also
as a prerequisite for as much as possible
low risk of injury in pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle accidents.
For example, the windshield wiper axles are covered by the raised engine hood to increase safety.
With data processing becomes secure
Quality to the program.
BMW automobiles are complex technical systems created through experience
and the engineers' wealth of ideas
arise and through analyzes and


Syntheses with the means of data processing also with a view to the
Security can be programmed to the standard of qualitative perfection.
This is the starting point for the computer-aided development work
Computer Aided Design (CAD).
Individual components and finally the
entire bodyshell can be
according to this method with the oats
of three-dimensional models
on the screen vary
and optimize. In the subsequent construction and calculation
BMW engineers think again
on the EDP.
According to the finite element method
(FEM) is the entire body
theoretically in lines, areas and
Room elements are broken down, whereby the force and tension curves themselves in
large-area parts calculated exactly
can be.
Another example of the increase
the constructive quality with the help
state-of-the-art electronic processes
is the modal analysis. A description of the dynamic properties
of vibration systems.
On the computer screen
become the vibrating structures
represented by assemblies.
And then you can find solutions
that eliminate vibration and noise problems.
Another example of the extreme
Effort at BMW, the quality
Constant improvement is the commitment
holography as a means of combating vibration and noise.
BMW is one of the very few
Automotive companies in the world,
the high financial outlay for
the use of this laser technology
Double pulse camera not shy away from
have to get the extremely complicated
To solve problems of simultaneous weight reduction and acoustic improvement of the entire vehicle.

The BMW of the 3 series:

More quality of life.


BMW automobiles bless your driver

the Qualltit, the performance problem,
the condensation-maintaining comfort
and the driving safety that smiles
make to take control of the traffic confidently. And so demand the feeling of security, from which the self-confidence arises that the driver can get
BMW is better in some situations
melstern - and some of them to him at that time
Saves experience.
The compact BMW is also an excellent cover for the Prlplp,
the BMW in the decades of its
History remained true to lat.
Because the better in unobtrusive
BMW is not all about shape
Future, but also langeli'adltlon.
This typical BMW style was and

wlrd worn and

llcher Dynamlk
Claims to the A
The new compact one
bel the Qualltit In
Planning of the under-lh:
daily development
BMW got through trash
nen in a few years
for a new torment
slgkelts level
The new compact B
a whole development
the Qualltlt. And
more ala perfect
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BMW quality:

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Flat coordinates measuring system, mlt
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It works with an accuracy of 1110,000 mm

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Processing technologies.
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nlveau belm new compact BMW:
Using a complex manufacturing process
For example, the interior will be dulled
Same with the big BMW feet
fully automatic computer controlled
This results in an extremely high adjustment
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Technical Oaten BMW 316

Two-door sedan body (four-door in preparation), self-supporting all-steel body, welded to the floor pan, dimensionally stable on all sides
Safety cabin, controlled deformable crumple zones at the front and rear, integrated roof cross beam, all-round reinforcements

Dimensions, weights
Lengths 4325 mm, width 1645 mm, height (empty) 1380 mm, wheelbase 2570 mm, front track 1407 mm, rear 1415 mm, turning circle 10.5 m;
Elbow width front 1348 mm, rear 1404 mm (2 pieces)
Trunk absolute 485 I, according to VOA 425 I; Fuel tank 55 I.
Empty weight 2 tiers 990 kg (Automatic 1000 kg), permissible total weight 1450 kg; 4ti.irig: empty weight and total weight each 25 kg more;
Load 9 460 kg (Automatic 450 kg); permissible roof load 75 kg
Permissible attachment load, braked 1200 kg with max. 12% gradient, unbraked 500 kg
(Empty weight applies to vehicles with standard equipment, special equipment increases this value. At the same time, the payload is reduced accordingly.)

Water-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine, built in at the front, inclined, light metal cylinder head, cross-flow principle,
spherical combustion chamber; Overhead camshaft with 3 bearings, spiked crankshaft with 4 counterweights, engine suspension
with vibration damper, temperature and speed controlled Visco-Li.ifter
Downdraft register carburetor 2B4 with full start automatic, contactless transistor ignition in hybrid technology
Effective displacement 1766 cm ~ output 66 DIN kW (90 PS) at 5500 rpm
Torque 140 Nm at 4000 / mln; Compression 9.5: 1

Transmission, chassis
Hydraulically operated single-disc dry disc spring clutch with torsional vibration damper and automatic readjustment
4-speed gearbox: I 3.76; II 2.04; Ill 1.32; IV 1.00; R 4.10; Rear axle ratio 3.64: 1
Standard drive: motor at the front, power transmission at the rear
Front wheel suspension: single-joint strut front axle with small positive steering scrub radius and brake pitch compensation, stabilizer
Rear wheel suspension: Independent wheel suspension with semi-trailer arms (15 arrows), start-up reduction and brake buckling compensation, spring /
Steamer arranged separately; Safety steering column, rack and pinion steering, steering damper
BMW steel rims 5 J x 14, steel cast iron tires 175/70 R 14 82 H (175/70 HR 14)
Dual-circuit brake system with brake booster, brake pressure reducer for the rear axle; front: floating caliper disc brakes,
Filer for brake pad code indicator on the left
rear: self-adjusting drum brakes, handbrake acting mechanically on rear wheels, handbrake lever offset to the side of the driver

Driving performance / consumption
Top speed 175 km / h (automatic 171 km / h)
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 12.4 s (automatic 14.2 s)
Acceleration of standing kilometers in 33.9 s (automatic 35.6 s)
Fuel consumption (2 hours) in I per 100 km
4-speed gearbox
according to DIN 70030 part 1, super

5 speed transmission
(Already gang)

Automatic transmission

at a constant 90 km / h
at a constant 120 km / h
in city traffic




Exterior fittings
Parking protection all around with bumpers drawn around the sides with wide rubber pads and side rubber bumpers;
Integrated, deeply drawn front visor, bonnet support by means of torsion bar and gas pressure spring, bonnet raised at the rear
Laminated glass front window, heated rear window; Driver's mirror, electrically adjustable from the inside, switch integrated in the armrest;
Chrome panels on the door frame and decorative elements in the side window frame (2-door frame); Tank flap with holder for tank lid, lockable tank lid with keyed alike
Cavity preservation, underbody protection: 6-year guarantee against rusting through with an annual inspection

interior fittings
Interior floor completely carpeted, carpet on the hat shelf, storage options: in the large illuminated glove compartment,
on the dashboard, in the front center console, in the rear tunnel lining and in the storage box on the front doors; Armrests on the
Front doors with integrated handles, rear roof handles with coat hooks, safety ashtray and cigar lighter, ashtray for rear passengers on tunnel cladding, foam-coated 4-spoke steering wheel, 0 380 mm, with upholstery plate and 4 horn buttons,
Gear lever knob secured against twisting with gearshift diagram, footsteps on the left
Safety upholstery on the front and cladding of the central roof pillars, voluminously upholstered and strongly rounded dashboard, protected knee area; Dimming interior security mirror, door locker with security trowels
Seats: reclining seats in the front with finely graduated backrest adjustment, automatic entry, seat height adjustment for driver and front passenger,
Easy-to-use seat length adjustment through roller bearings, the backrest of the front passenger seat can be unlocked and folded forward from the driver, headrests
front with inclination adjustment, infinitely adjustable in height and removable
3-point automatic safety belts at the front with concealed retractors and with sliding buckles for the lower belt point, belt locks on the front seats
anchored (with the 4ti.irer both inner belt points)
3-point automatic seat belts on the outside at the rear and lap belt in the middle, seat belt lock sunk into the rear seat backrest
Trunk: fleece carpet on the floor and on the side parts, storage trays on the left and right, tool box on the trunk lid,
Spare wheel under the trunk floor, cover can be rolled up, indirect trunk lighting

Halogen double headlights with step reflector for the low beam, automatic switch-off with the ignition; integrated rear fog light, two reversing lights
Dashboard: instruments and controls arranged in a semicircle around the driver; Instrument cluster with: electronic
Speedometer, trip meter, quartz clock, service interval display (SI), fuel and cooling water temperature display; additional