What are the different chakras in yoga

The 7 chakras and their meaning

A playful introduction to getting access to your seven chakras is a simple test in which you answer questions about your personality and get an overview in a subsequent evaluation, which chakras are particularly blocked in you or which are perhaps even overactive.

There are various free chakra tests on the Internet, most of which contain between 50 and 100 questions and do not last longer than ten minutes. Some tests structure the questions on the basis of the seven chakras, others have a related catalog of questions, in which it is not immediately apparent which questions relate to which chakra. No matter which test you choose, try to answer all questions as honestly as possible. If you start answering, you will quickly notice that the main thing is to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings. “Do you have a well-developed self-confidence?” Or “Are you working to ensure that your relationships are harmonious?” - these are typical questions of a chakra test, which will give you some exciting insights about yourself while answering.

Once you have finished the chakra test, you will get to your individual evaluation. Here you can get one detailed analysis of the state of your seven chakras. You will find out which of your energy centers are already open, which are perhaps even overactive and which you should work on because they are underactive or blocked. For example, if you are extremely shy or have a tendency to be very aggressive and selfish, this will be reflected in your test results. The chakra test makes it clear which characteristics are currently particularly pronounced in you and which you should work on specifically because they are too weak or too strong. In order to bring your body into balance, you should consider the results when working with the seven chakras.