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World Women's Day of Prayer

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Gujarat is a federal state in the west of India with the capital Ahmedabad, an old trading city. Rural exodus and widespread unemployment exacerbate poverty and precarious living conditions in the city of 5 million. A completed schooling, especially for girls, is rare here.
With the help of the World Day of Prayer and in cooperation with local NGOs, the Dominican Sisters are planning to set up training programs for women from particularly disadvantaged population groups. Income-generating measures (courses in tailoring, fashion design, nursing), psychosocial help and legal advice should enable them to escape the spiral of poverty and improve living conditions in a patriarchal society.
In addition, savings plans are drawn up and small loans are given to help women set up small businesses. The sewing and embroidery center, where women and girls learn to make traditional handicrafts, which are marketed worldwide through fair trade, the medical center with care facility and pharmacy is also available to the residents of the neighboring slums.
The establishment of a counseling center, which will offer help in solving conflicts in family and everyday life, as well as in the event of violence, is also being planned.

Project partner:

Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary, St. Mary’s Nursing home

Financing by the WGT Austria:

Funding period: 2015 - 2016
Funding number: 12,000 euros