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Where to download high quality 3D anatomy models

3D models are non-negotiable in areas such as CGI animation. What is CGI animation? What is CGI animation? What is CGI animation and how have CGI technologies changed modern animation? Let's take a quick trip back in time to see. Learn More and Make Machinima Movies 7 Free Tools To Make Your Own Machinima Movies 7 Free Tools To Make Your Machinima Movies Machinima is the art of making movies using video game material and resources. Would you like to make your own films without directing experience? Here are some free tools to get you started! Read More 12 Best Sites to Get Royalty Free Photos 12 Best Sites to Get Royalty Free Photos Royalty Free Stock Photos Looking For Royalty Free Stock Photos? We did the research and found the best websites with the greatest variety, quality and freedom. Continue reading . The problem is that in order to create your own 3D models you will a quantity of skill, time and effort.

A simple, low polygon 3D model can take several hours from start to finish, while a high polygon 3D model can take exponentially longer. If you don't already have modeling skills, you need to consider months and years of education, training, and practice.

Unless your goal is to make a career, it's easier to download these 3D models instead. While it can be easy to find models of houses, cars, and household items, it is a little more difficult with people and body parts.

Here are a few free and paid websites that you can go to find 3D models of the human anatomy.


3DOcean is part of Envato Market, a network of online marketplaces that sell creative digital products such as themes (ThemeForest), scripts (CodeCanyon) and stock videos (VideoHive).

Unfortunately, the 3D model market still has some wiggle room to measure up to against the other marketplaces, but it's good enough to think about.

Selection: The website includes more than 20,000 different 3D models in 24 different categories. At the time of writing, there were 286 models in the People category and 159 models in the Anatomy category, for a total of 445 relevant choices. Not the biggest, but it's a start.

Quality: 3DOcean is a paid market, which means you won't find many of the lower quality models that you might find elsewhere in a free collection. However, 3DOcean is as cheap as it gets on paid models - some are available for as little as $ 1. So expect what you pay for.

For example, this Realistic Eyes Collection is comparable to its $ 5 price point, while this rock-style hair is a little more extravagant and therefore costs $ 29.

Formats: The availability of the file format varies from product to product. Common formats are 3DS, C4D, FBX, OBJ, MAX and BLEND.

License: Envato's regular license is somewhat limited in terms of proprietary licenses. You can use the model in a non-commercial end product. For commercial purposes you need the more expensive Extended License. None of the licenses allow the use of models for inventory templates.


TurboSquid is a repository that offers both free and paid 3D models. This is one of the most popular places to look when you need a quick 3D model. As long as you are willing to lose some money, what you are getting can be pretty good.

Selection: TurboSquid has one of the largest collections on the web. Not only does it have 435,000 models, it also has 120,000 related products such as textures and shaders. In the anatomy alone you will find over 6,500 models.

Quality: The free models aren't actually that bad here, and they're definitely usable, but when you compare them to the paid offers, you'll notice the difference in quality. For example, compare this free, low poly 3D brain to this high quality human kidney for $ 340.

There are many hits and Misses, so it's up to you to search everything and sift the diamonds out of the crap.

Formats: Many of the free models are only available in MAX format, but occasionally you will see 3DS, FBX, and OBJ files. The really expensive offerings come in popular and rare formats, including 3DS, MA, LWO, XSI, and DAE.

License: All TurboSquid models are royalty-free with usage restrictions. There's a lot to digest, so check out the FAQ for Royalty Free Licensing. Here are the key points: Models can be used in games and software that do not have asset import / export options. You can only use 3D printing models What is 3D printing and how exactly does it work? What is 3D printing and how does it work exactly? Imagine being able to print three-dimensional objects directly from a printer in your home. When I was a kid in elementary school, I thought it would be awesome if I could print out pizzas up to five times a piece. Models cannot be used in such a way that the final product (e.g. a shop) is registered as a trademark (logo).


CGStudio is another marketplace for digital products, including 3D models, textures, scripts, and more. The items sell for a minimum price of $ 9, so you won't find any free models here.

Selection: The entire CGStudio collection includes more than 28,000 models in categories such as architecture, food, nature, objects and vehicles. At the time of this writing, a search for anatomy yields 411 potential models.

What I Really As with this website, a wide variety of anatomical parts are also available. Only on the first page of the search results do I see arms, legs, spines, organs, cross-sectional diagrams and much more.

Quality: CGStudio has a pretty good filtering system in that the models that appear under the anatomy tag are all relevant (something that most product search engines can't say) and the actual models are way better than what you see elsewhere could find.

The compromise is the price. Few anatomy models in CGStudio are available for less than $ 49. In fact, the nice ones are at least $ 100 and the big ones are usually over $ 250. The good news is that there are packs that let you purchase multiple models for just a few hundred dollars.

Formats: Models are available in a dozen different formats including 3DS, BLEND, C4D, FBX, MAX, OBJ, XSI, LWS, and many more.

License: The standard CGStudio license is royalty-free as long as the models are only used for personal or promotional purposes (no resale, no licensing or distribution). They can be used in games as long as the assets are fully secured. Note that some sellers offer a custom license with different terms of use.


In 3DScience, the Zygote Media Group offers high quality stock models at above average prices. Unless you're rich and / or funded by a company or benefactor, the 3DScience models can get a little expensive.

Selection: 3DScience models are divided into the categories of anatomy, biology and medicine. There are only a handful of offers in each category, making a total of fewer than 100 models. The good news is that most of these models are in the anatomy group.

Quality: Since 3DScience only sells models made by Zygote, you can be sure that every model is a quality build. These are some of the best 3D anatomy models available in stock and can be purchased for as little as $ 200.

They also offer collective packages. For example, the man's digestive system contains 12 digestive organs for $ 1,800 with no textures or $ 3,000 with textures. And then there's the Complete Male & Female Anatomy Collection, which includes all of the available models priced at $ 20,995 (excluding textures) or $ 24,995 (with textures).

Formats: Models are mainly available in the following main formats: MA, 3DS, C4D, LWO, and XSI.

License: For animators and illustrators, the license includes full ownership of the IP for all images and animations created with the models. For real-time software, the license usually includes a subscription or license agreement.

Where can you find 3D models?

Find 3D models on the web The free 3D models: Download 3D models The free 3D models: Download 3D models Read more. Limiting your search to anatomy models makes it even more difficult. Fortunately, the websites above are enough to point you in the right direction.

Where to do you Go to download 3D models? Which pages have proven helpful and which have proven different? Share your experience with us in the comments! We'd love to hear from you.

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