What is Times Square of Chicago

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Chicago has never been a city on any of my travel lists. After graduating from high school, however, I spent a year abroad there. I quickly fell in love with the city and discovered that the Big Apple never sleeps, but that the Windy City is what I dream of. For New Yorkers, Chicago is always second, for me not. Aside from the well-known miserable New York drivers, there are many reasons why Chicago is the better New York.

1) friendliness
It's no secret that New Yorkers aren't the friendliest Americans. The general mood in the Big Apple is tense. On the prestigious east coast, power and money count and you can tell - unfortunately.

Welcome to the Midwest, welcome to Chicago. Not a day goes by without talking to a stranger. Whether in the shop or eating a burger. People are open and interested in you. They are noticeably happier and more satisfied.

2) pizza
Both Chicago and New York City are known for their pizza. But there are worlds between these. The "New York Style" pizza is nothing more than a bad traditional Italian pizza. In Chicago, inventiveness is important. Here there is the "deep-dish pizza". It's like a big cake where you can find the cheese under the tomato sauce. Incidentally, Piero’s has very good pizza.

3) tourists
New York is the dream travel destination around the globe. As a result, you quickly feel like you are in an ant colony. In Times Square at the latest, you want to be back in your living room at home. Only Venice is worse in August.

In the Windy City, tourists are not yet considered parasites, but rather they are happy about them. The city on the shores of Lake Michigan has so much to offer that one would like to share it with the world. If you ask for directions here, you get a friendly answer, because the other person is not on their way to Wall Street to save the world.

4) basketball
The rivalry between the teams from the two cities was particularly intense in the 1990s. The statistics speak clearly for the Bulls. But the team from Chicago is not only ahead of the game in terms of sport. A sign of successful branding are the thousands and thousands of young people who walk across this planet in bulls caps and probably don't even know that it's a basketball team. It's definitely worth going to a Bulls game at the United Center!

5) skyline
Many people are unlikely to know that the world's first skyscraper was built in Chicago. From the first skyscraper it was not far to a skyline that can hold a candle to that in New York. The city views from Millennium Park and Navy Pier are popular. But the best view is from the south end of Lincoln Park.

6) water
The Hudson River is great! We all know that even aircraft can make emergency landings on it. But nobody goes swimming in it voluntarily.

Chicago, on the other hand, lies on a lake about one and a half times the size of Switzerland. If you stand on the shores of Lake Michigan, you have the feeling of being by the sea. It gives the city a very special flair. North Avenue Beach is well worth a visit in summer. There a whole stretch of beach turns into a party mile.

7) Manhattan vs. Chicago
A day trip to the Bronx? Naturally! Followed by a flight to the moon. Let's be honest, there is only Manhattan for tourists. Even real New Yorkers ignore the fact that there are other parts of the city. Brooklyn is lucky that hipsters are a thing of the past. Welcome to the twenty-first century.

It looks different in Chicago. No matter in which direction - it's all Chicago.

8) cleanliness
But the most important point is cleanliness. If the temperatures climb above the twenty-two degree mark, the stench in the Big Apple is barely bearable - Rotten Apple ?! Meter-high mountains of rubbish are piled up on sidewalks. One thing is certain: wearing sandals should be avoided as much as possible in NYC. You don't want to imagine what happens when you come into contact with one of these orange puddles ...

In Chicago, the cleanliness of the streets is noticeable. Temperatures over thirty degrees are not uncommon in summer. Nevertheless, one is mostly spared the "eau-de-sewerage". Even on sidewalks, you don't have to be afraid of accidentally falling into a heap of rubbish. This is due to the small paths that subdivide the blocks here. Large garbage containers are kept there.

New York is colorful and loud, but Chicago can do it too. In a more orderly way, without the bad drivers and the many tourists.