I can make popcorn with any corn

Make popcorn yourself: recipes

Popcorn is a great snack and is simply part of a movie night, for example. We buy popcorn at the cinema, but you can easily make it yourself at home. Find out how to do it here and try our recipes for sweet and savory variations.

Make popcorn yourself: that's how it works

Popcorn is basically created by a small explosion. There is water and small amounts of oil in the individual kernels of corn. When the popcorn is heated, these components change their physical state from liquid to gaseous. Since water vapor takes up more space than its liquid form, the grain expands. At a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, the shell of the grain tears open and the water vapor escapes quickly. The starch of the corn kernel swells outwards, cools down immediately and forms the characteristic popcorn shape. It is important that you use puffed corn for this - an old type of corn with a thin shell and small, firm grains.

There are several ways to make and flavor popcorn at home. All methods are very simple, so it's worth it. In addition to microwave popcorn, an already seasoned bag of popcorn that only needs a few minutes in the microwave, there are popcorn machines with hot plates or hot air that can be used to make popcorn with little or no oil. However, it can also be done simply in a pot or pan. The texture of the corn is important. It must not be stored for too long, otherwise it will be too dry and will not rise.


  1. Put the oil and corn in the pan just enough to cover the bottom and put the lid on. Now heat the pot strongly and let about half of it pop open.
  2. Now take the popcorn off the stove so that it doesn't burn.
  3. Then season the popcorn, sweet or savory, while it should still be warm, as the ingredients stick better while the steam is still evaporating.


If you want to do without oil in the production of the popcorn, use coated pots or pans. For colored popcorn or fruit popcorn, you can add food coloring or flavorings in powder form to the sugar or powdered sugar. For savory variations, you can experiment with spices such as paprika, curry or chilli. There are no limits to your imagination.

Caramelized popcorn

If you want the sugar to be well distributed and firmly attached to the popcorn, you should caramelize it. To do this, you first make the popcorn, then the caramel and mix the two. Place on some baking paper to cool and then break apart. Finally, you can add spices or nuts to the caramel.

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