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Video: Volkmann in the canning factory

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This blog is also about promoting applications that may not be so commonplace and obvious. This has resulted in numerous interesting and new ideas in the past. Due to the high usable vacuum, not only all types of powders and granulates can be conveyed, but also liquids. Even viscous media such as applesauce, oil or greases are pumped in practice, provided they have a certain flowability (viscosity).

A Japanese customer who packs chanterelles, mushrooms and adzuki beans in cans, among other things, was so enthusiastic about the sheer power of the vacuum that he wanted to try it out in his canning factory.

In particular, the fact that there are no moving mechanical parts in the flowing product stream is the decisive factor for gentle conveying.

The successful vacuum conveying experiments with the mushroom / water mixture shown in the following video led to the installation of 20x vacuum conveying systems from the Volkmann company for different packaging lines. The liquid also prevents the oxidation of these very sensitive bulk goods.

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