Toothpaste removes bruises

Home remedies for bruising are a quick way to get rid of bruises

Push hard once - you will get a bruise. But what exactly are bruises? And how do you get rid of it?

One time you didn't pay attention and you ran into the table. In addition to the mostly short pain, we often have a small souvenir that accompanies us for a longer time - a bruise. But how do we get rid of the bruise? We show you with what home remedies you can get rid of the bruise quickly.

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How does a bruise develop?

Usually is a Blow or bump the reason the skin is discolored on the affected area. This creates small mini-cracks in the capillariesso that tiny amounts of blood seep into the subcutaneous tissue and collect there.

This phenomenon is also called bruise. So it is the blood that shimmers through the skin and causes the bluish discoloration. Our body breaks down the blood. During this process, the "blue spot" changes and turns green, yellow, ... but that takes time. But sometimes we just don't have them. It's good that we have a great home remedy for bruises.

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With this home remedy, the bruise will go away very quickly

With a very simple trick that anyone can easily implement at home, you can promote the healing process of the injured area and make it visually disappear quickly.

For this you need:

  • lukewarm water
  • a few spoons of vinegar

Thats how it works:

  1. Mix the two liquids together.
  2. Now apply the liquid to your bruise with a cotton pad.

The vinegar promotes blood circulation and the blood of the bruise is removed from the skin layer more quickly. The bumped area gets its original color again in a short time. Also good to know: The trick with the home remedy also works for hickey on the neck. These can be removed almost completely in this way.

Other practical tips: