Where do you take CLAT courses


The University of Hamburg is switching from OLAT CE to OpenOLAT - you will find further information on the transition process below.

To migrate the content:

Despite the fundamental similarity of the two distributions, existing courses and learning materials that are to be used in the future must be transferred from OLAT CE to OpenOLAT. Here, OLAT activists receive advisory and active support from the eLearning offices of the faculties and the DLL team at the HUL. If necessary, please contact your network point of contact. The most important framework conditions at a glance:

  • For a transition period, both distributions will be available up to and including the summer semester 2020.
  • The independent creation of courses is no longer possible before and in the summer semester 2020 - if you are still dependent on options that are only accessible in OLAT CE, please contact the DLL advisory team of the HUL.
  • All courses that are no longer actively used in the 2019/20 winter semester will be archived / terminated by the DLL at the beginning of December 2019 after an email to all OLAT CE authors. This means that no further changes in content can be made in z. B. folders, forums, wikis can be made, but the courses can still be viewed and can be copied again if necessary.
  • After that, from October 1st, 2020, OLAT CE will only be accessible in archive mode.

General information on course migration

During the migration, the structure or the content of learning resources (courses, wikis) and the contents of folders are transferred. User-generated content (e.g. forums and wiki discussion pages are created empty), tasks, authorization settings and also no user accounts are not transferred, as these do not exist on OO and cannot be moved automatically or stored in advance, groups are therefore on OO empty at first. The migration is therefore not an "extended archive function"; If you want to save your course in OLAT CE, you can do this in the course detail view on the right under "Export content". Changes made to your OLAT CE courses after the move cannot be transferred either, so please only make changes to the migrated OpenOLAT courses.

The move of question types from ONYX tests is not completely possible - there is no sequence, calculation, formula comparison. Adobe Connect meetings are not transferred, but can be added to the course in OpenOLAT.

Since the access settings from OLAT CE cannot be transferred in all cases, please check your courses again after the migration; we are also available to advise you personally.

If you have any questions, suggestions or migration requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.