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Sweden vacation in Corona times: Entry only with a negative test

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Fantastic coastlines, lonely lakes, diverse outdoor opportunities and a pulsating capital: Sweden is a popular travel destination. A vacation in the largest country in Scandinavia is currently only possible to a limited extent. What travelers should consider.

  • All of Sweden is a corona risk area and high incidence area

  • Entry only permitted with a negative corona test

  • Transit via Denmark possible again

  • Current incidence: 269.7 infected people per 100,000 population in the last 7 days

Current situation in Sweden

The nationwide 7 day incidence lies in Sweden with 269,7 (As of May 21, source: Johns Hopkins University) further well above the critical limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants - that is around four times as high as currently in Germany.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has all of Sweden to the Corona risk area and in addition to the High incidence area explained. There is one Travel warning of the Foreign Office.

You can find out how the corona infections are spread across the country from the Swedish Health Department *.

Sweden vacation: what travelers need to know

Important for entering Sweden

Return from Sweden to Germany

The most important corona rules in Sweden

Air connections and ferries to Sweden

Transit through Denmark possible again

Important for entering Sweden

  • Travel warning of the Foreign Office:YES

  • Corona-Risk areaYES (high incidence area)

  • Corona test atentry: YES(PCR, LAMP or antigen rapid test, not older than 48 hours)

  • Entry form required: NO

  • quarantine afterentry: NO

Entry: Corona test, but no quarantine

The Test certificate must be in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian (tests in German are not accepted) and contain the following information:

  • Name of the person tested

  • Time of sampling

  • Type of test (PCR, LAMP or antigen test)

  • Test result

  • Issuer of the certificate

Are exempt from the test requirement children and Teenagers under 18 years.

A Quarantine obligation does not exist in Sweden. However, the authorities recommend voluntarily isolating yourself for seven days after entering the country.

Entry and exit: is a corona self-test sufficient as proof?

The so-called corona self-tests for at home, which are available in discounters or drug stores, are checked during entry or exit Not accepted as test evidence. Here is a medical certificate or a documented negative test result is required.

This proof must be submitted to the Entry into Germany on paper or digitally in German, English or French. When entering other countries, please inform in advance in which languages ​​the test results will be accepted.

Return to Germany from Sweden

  • Reporting requirement before returning:YES (Digital entry registration *)

  • Compulsory test For Air travelers at the place of departure: YES

  • Compulsory test to return:YES

  • quarantine in Germany:YES (Free testing possible after five days)

Important for returning to Germany from abroad

There is one in all of Germany Corona test compulsory for returnees from risk areas. Fully vaccinated and recovered persons are excluded.

All air travelers must also show a negative test result at check-in at the departure location - even if they are returning to Germany from non-risk areas. Fully vaccinated and convalescents are also excluded from this. There is no evidence of testing, vaccination or recovery no flight possible.

Depending on the type of risk area, different rules apply quarantine and the possibility of Freestyle.

Details on quarantine, compulsory tests and the digital entry form as well as everything on exceptions for vaccinated and convalescent people can be found here. Just as important for entry High incidence and Virus variant areas.

The most important corona rules in Sweden

For a long time, Sweden had taken a different path than most European countries in combating the corona pandemic. Instead of binding contact restrictions, mask requirements and restaurant closings, the government primarily focused on Appeals to reason and voluntary hygiene measures. In view of the sharp rise in the number of infections, however, the government has partially abandoned this path.

Currently apply following restrictions:

  • Are allowed in public eight people maximum gather.

  • In local public transport, the use of a Mouth and nose protection recommended.

  • In long-distance traffic with bus and train the number of passengers for journeys over 150 kilometers is limited to half of the seats.

  • In Restaurants and bars only table service is allowed. No more than four people can sit at one table. Bars have to close by 8:30 p.m. at the latest.

  • In Shopping arcades Customer number restrictions apply.

  • Public facilities such as libraries, bathing establishments, state museums are closed or only have limited opening times. The same goes for private amusement parks and museums.

  • Hotels, guest houses and Campsites are open with restrictions.

To always to be up to date, travelers can also download the Swedish authorities' Corona app * onto their smartphone.

Air connections and ferries to Sweden

In principle there is between Germany and Sweden Flight connections, especially in the capital Stockholm, the one direct entry enable. However, the number of flights is significantly reduced compared to the time before Corona.

Even with the ferry direct entry is possible. There are connections e.g. from Travemünde or Rostock to Malmö or Trelleborg or from Kiel to Gothenburg. A fast ferry also operates between Sassnitz / Mukran (Western Pomerania-Rügen) and Ystad in Sweden.

Transit through Denmark possible again

If you want to go to Sweden with your own vehicle, you can do it again the route across Denmark choose. Since the beginning of April, Sweden has been allowing entries from the neighboring country again.

On the part of the Danish government is one Transit trip generally permitted if the onward journey to the neighboring country is ensured. However, travelers should note that they should also use one for transit journeys when entering Denmark negative Covid-19 test (PCR or rapid antigen test) that must not be older than 24 hours.

Here you can find detailed information about Sweden from arrival to customs.

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