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The Boskop people (homo capensis) knew too much: extinct.

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An article was published on Slashdot today about skull fragments discovered in 1913 in Boskop (also: Boskoop; Transvaal, South Africa), from which alien hominids with 2-liter brains, an IQ of 150, large eyes and childlike faces could be reconstructed. This idea of ​​an intelligent, extinct species of hominid was spun on until the 1930s, but after much further research it was finally buried as untenable around the middle of the 20th century.

Last year, however, the book "Big Brain: The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence" by the two neuroscientists Gary Lynch and Richard Granger appeared on the bestseller lists, in which this story was re-cooked, and now the wide-eyed, hyperintelligent savages are haunted (presumably without a trace, not blue and less than three meters) cheerfully through blogs and magazines.

The popularity of these ancient hypotheses prompted the paleoanthropologist John Hawks to reopen the story of the "Boskop Man". In his blog he describes the circumstances of the first finds, the derivation of the brain volume from the bone thickness (there was not enough material available for more) and the subsequently statistically dubious method, large skull finds from the Boskop man "homo erectus capensis" (also "telanthropus capensis ") and smaller finds to the early homo sapiens or homo erectus.
But that view is unsupportable - in fact, what happened is that a small set of large crania were taken from a much larger sample of varied crania, and given the name, "Boskopoid." This selection was initially done almost without any regard for archaeological or cultural associations - any old, large skull was a "Boskop".

Amazingly, there are hardly any German-language articles on the subject. I'm curious to see what wave of Slashdot articles is going through the blogs again.
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