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Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Songs by K.K. at a glance

Here is K.K.'s song list from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide, GamePro shows you all the songs with their German name of the singing and guitar-playing dog K.K. in a list. With us you can find every song as it is called in the German version of the game.

What you need to know about K.K.'s songs

Where do I get the songs from? You can already buy some songs via nook shopping at the vending machine in the tent or service center. You will be offered a random song per day, which will be sent to you by post the next day.

When is K.K. coming? As soon as you have unlocked it, K.K. every Saturday on your island. The concert starts at 6 p.m. and you can speak to him. The first song he plays that evening will be added to your inventory for free use.

How do I choose songs? You can K.K. either a random song, a specific song that you have to enter yourself or a song based on your mood. The overview below shows which songs fall into which category.

If you have entered a song that does not exist, then K.K. just any song. This doesn't count as the first song in the evening, which is why you have the chance to enter the name correctly immediately afterwards.

Exclusive songs by K.K .: You can only get a handful of songs from K.K. yourself. To get these exclusive songs, you have to want them specifically.

  • The city of animals
  • Steering
  • farewell

Special songs by K.K .: You can get the following songs from K.K. only if you meet certain requirements:

  • New horizons (you get when K.K comes to your island for the first time)
  • Birthday song (you only get it on your birthday, which you have to specify at the very beginning of the game)

What do I do with the songs? You can either use the covers of the songs as decoration for your apartment, or you can play them in your own four walls and on your island by throwing them into a cassette player.

K.K.'s Songs - Complete song list for New Horizons

Mood: good!

  1. Mountain member
  2. K.K. pop
  3. K.K. Calypso
  4. K.K. Country
  5. K.K. Groove
  6. K.K. Salsa
  7. K.K. samba
  8. K.K. Ska
  9. K.K. Dixie
  10. K.K. Disco
  11. K.K. Coffee blues
  12. K.K. parade
  13. K.K. Rockabilly
  14. K.K. march
  15. K.K. mambo
  16. K.K. combo
  17. Neapolitans
  18. Spring blossoms
  19. K.K. ragtime

Mood: Grumpy

  1. K.K. Cruisin '
  2. K.K. lucky one
  3. Surfin 'K.K.
  4. K.K. safari
  5. K.K. melody
  6. K.K. tango
  7. Super K.K.
  8. K.K. Rock song
  9. K.K. House
  10. K.K. Film music
  11. K.K. flamenco
  12. K.K. Metal
  13. K.K. skirt
  14. K.K. bazaar
  15. K.K. Steppe song
  16. K.K. Orient song
  17. DJ K.K.
  18. Go K.K. Rider!

Mood: relaxed

  1. K.K. South Sea dream
  2. walk
  3. Pensive
  4. K.K. with feeling
  5. K.K. jazz
  6. K.K. swing
  7. Mr. K.K.
  8. K.K. Synth pop
  9. K.K. fusion
  10. K.K. Bossa
  11. K.K. sunset
  12. K.K. aria
  13. K.K. Love song
  14. K.K. reggae
  15. I love you
  16. The island of animals
  17. K.K. Fair
  18. Seafarer's song 2001
  19. I wander
  20. my home
  21. Forest clearing

Mood: sad

  1. The day before yesterday
  2. All alone
  3. K.K. Western film
  4. K.K. Dirge
  5. K.K. Chorale
  6. King K.K.
  7. K.K. etude
  8. K.K. sonata
  9. K.K. Milonga
  10. K.K. ballad
  11. K.K. Lullaby
  12. K.K. waltz
  13. K.K. Funeral song
  14. K.K. Friend song
  15. Mountain slope
  16. Old cake
  17. K.K. condor

Mood: Difficult to say

  1. Slumber song
  2. K.K. Parade 2
  3. K.K. marathon
  4. Agent K.K.
  5. K.K. soul
  6. K.K. song
  7. K. Funk
  8. K.K. blues
  9. K.K. Maharajah
  10. K.K. Folk
  11. K.K. Technopop
  12. K.K. D & B
  13. On the edge
  14. K.K. gumbo
  15. Minimal music

Why K.K. Slider sometimes only comes on Sundays

Especially in the summer months it often happens that K.K. Slider does not give his open air concert on Saturday as usual. This has to do with the fact that on some Saturdays another event takes place, such as the fishing or the insecticus tournament. In the following you can see the dates for 2021, when K.K. only organizes a concert on Sundays:

  • January 10, 2021: due to a fishing tournament
  • April 11, 2021: due to a fishing tournament
  • June 27, 2021: because of an insecticus tournament
  • July 11, 2021: due to a fishing tournament
  • July 25, 2021: because of an insecticus tournament
  • August 22, 2021: because of an insecticus tournament
  • September 26, 2021: because of an insecticus tournament
  • October 10, 2021: due to a fishing tournament

Like K.K. Slider comes to your island

The short version: You must first have converted the service center into the town hall. Then Tom Nook tells you about his wish to have K.K. to meet. In order to finally lure the cuddly musician to your island, you have to raise your island image and bring it to a total of three stars.

You can increase your rating by:

Here is the complete guide:

  3     0

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