How long has Fortnite been out

"Fortnite" Season 5 is currently all about hunts and bounty hunters. Season 6 starts today.

The new season of "Fortnite" started in December 2020. At the moment everything is about hunts and bounty hunters - among other things, a “Mandalorian” skin * has been introduced. In addition, Epic Games has introduced a paid subscription for the first time. How long Season 5 will last and what players can expect next, we reveal in the following section.

"Fortnite": The start date for Season 6 has been set

Update from March 16, 2021: Epic Games recently confirmed it in an official blog post: "FortniteSeason 6 of Chapter 2 begins today, Tuesday, March 16. This time there will be no delays, as was the case several times last year.

As Epic writes, the new season will be marked with a "explosive conclusion" in the Zero point crisis-final start. Players will see the completion of Agent Jones Abschluss Mission the first time they log in for the new season. According to Epic, these are the Most elaborate story to date-Film sequenceinFortnite". We have summarized all information about the innovations in Season 6 in a separate article.

Here you can see the "Zero Crisis Cinematic" film sequence, which heralds the start of Season 6 Chapter 2 of "Fortnite":

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"Fortnite": When does Season 6 start?

Original message dated January 5, 2021: A "Fortnite" season usually lasts about ten weeks - however, there were several delays in the last year. It's not uncommon for Epic Games to hang on for a week, but Season 2 actually stretched out 17 weeks. Season 4 also lasted 14 weeks. Because of this, it is difficult to predict when exactly the next season will start. But it looks like it will be more than ten weeks this time too.

The official "Fortnite" website from Epic Games provides a clue. There it says that the current "zero point" Battle Pass of Season 5 to 15. March 2021 running. Since this date falls on a Monday, that would be an unusual starting point for Season 6. It will probably be the starting gun a few days later fall. Should this be the case, the duration of the current season would be around 15 weeks and again exceed the usual duration of ten weeks.

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"Fortnite" Season 6: What can players expect?

Usually Epic Games only reveals what new features it includes a few days before the start of a season. So it's too early to say what players can expect from Chapter 2 in Season 6. Presumably the act of Agent Jonesy continues, who brings together the best hunters from other realities. We still don't know what all this is going to lead to. Whichever event closes Season 5 will also set the stage for Season 6. (Ök) * is part of the nationwide Ippen editorial network.

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