Rich people have better lives

Do rich people have better job opportunities?

A recent study shows that people can only tell from the other person's face whether they are wealthy or not. The researchers also reveal why rich applicants have better chances.

No worries about money, the freedom to indulge in luxury that is beyond the reach of others: if you are rich, it is often a little easier in life. Researcher of the University of Toronto have now found out that you can only tell from a person's face whether they are rich. The study was published in "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology". And the scientists found something else: Men and women who look rich are given preference in applications.

Rich or poor? The expression on her face gives it away

The researchers took photos for their investigations Students between the ages of 18 and 22 from families with different levels of income. They first divided these into two groups: students who live in households with an annual income of less than $ 60,000 and students whose annual household income is $ 100,000 or more. Very important: the test persons should make a neutral facial expression. Another group of participants then had to assess the photos and say who was apparently rich. The result was astounding: Because with one high hit rate managed to tell the viewer whether the photographed person comes from a rich family or whether he is presumably poor. The hit rate was so high that the scientists ruled out random hits. Scientists also have an explanation for why the face of rich people really reveals this wealth: Those who grow up in affluence are more satisfied, may laugh more often, and are happier. Aspects that are reflected in the facial expression.

Are rich people more successful at work?

But what does that say with regard to professional opportunities? Quite a lot, as the researchers also found. And so they came to the conclusion: People who are perceived as rich by others are more likely to get a job than others. Because HR professionals just have to look at the application photos to find out whether the applicant is financially secure or whether they have financial worries and may have suffered failures. And there are HR managers prefer to opt for rich applicants who actually don't need the job as much as othersAccording to the researchers, this will become a massive problem for lower-income applicants. That is why it is all the more important professional application photo. Make sure you have the right outfit. Are you applying to a conservative, traditional company? This should show on your clothes too. A suit or suit is then suitable. When applying to a young and modern start-up, things can be a little more casual. Your hair should also be nice and coiffed so that it doesn't cover your face. Women should also make sure that their make-up is subtle and that the jewelry is not too intrusive. Always think about how you would appear for an interview and do this for the application photo too. A tip: Even if you are for a shoot with an application photo specialist dig a little deeper into your pocket this often pays off in the end. So when choosing your photographer, make sure they have the appropriate experience. Check out his testimonials, sift through photos he's already taken, and see if you like your style. Whether you ultimately decide on a photo in color or in black and white tones is up to you. And whether you have money or not, one thing matters: Smile. That seems sympathetic and open. Initially, money does not play a role. Text: Daniela Luka├čen-Held
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