Why didn't Facebook buy Zynga

I can't buy Zynga Chips!

Facebook-Zynga does not accept my credit card or my account is closed.

While Zynga Texas Holdem Poker is the most popular online poker platform in the world, it has many problems. When Zynga Poker users try to buy chips with their Facebook account, they are faced with hard-to-understand errors such as fraud warnings and invalid cards. To buy chips from Zynga, it will be easier if your Facebook account is old and approved, and if your credit card information was previously used by Facebook for online shopping. Otherwise, you can get very frustrated trying to buy a chip.

For these reasons, Poker Kedi offers you the opportunity to buy chips quickly and easily. You are free to choose and pay for the amount of the chip you want to buy. Zynga Chips can be transferred to any Facebook account, you can even buy an empty Facebook account with all the chips in it.

At Zynga Poker, you need to buy chips to play big games. The games you play at the low tables don't give you enough excitement. Because players at small tables can always go all-in. In large games, users' chips are expensive and valuable. The pots are tall and users play more cautiously.

Many users who are annoyed about chip buying problems on Facebook find the solution to buy chips with iPhone, Android or Windows mobile devices, even though the chip prices for these purchases are at least three times higher than the prices in the Facebook webstore. When you think of all of these alternatives, buying chips at Poker Kedi will be both very affordable and very convenient.

If you are firmly committed to Zynga as a way of buying Zynga Poker Chips, we recommend that you choose a credit card on Facebook and buy Facebook credits and then buy Zynga chips with those credits. If Facebook refuses to accept your credit card and blocks your account, you can upload your ID to reactivate your account. After reactivating your account, you can use this card while shopping and add your credit card through the Facebook payment methods menu. Facebook is a little slow reactivating accounts that are suspended. You may have to wait up to 1 week after submitting your login details.

Instead of dealing with all of these difficulties, you can place an order by selecting the desired chip package on the Poker Kedi Chip sales page.