How to soften butter for baking

Soften the butter in a flash

3 tips to get started baking faster

The Christmas season is full of challenges - shopping for gifts, bringing the family together, preparing the festive dinner - to name a few. But baking Christmas cookies shouldn't be one of them!

One of the most common mistakes when baking cookies has probably happened to everyone: you forgot to take the butter out of the refrigerator in time. Butter brought to room temperature has the advantage that it combines more easily with the rest of the ingredients and thus helps the baked goods to have a better texture. But how often have we found out at the very last second that we should have taken the butter out of the fridge a long time ago - and who wants to wait half an eternity before you can finally start baking?

Here we reveal 3 ways to soften your butter quickly.

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3 ways to soften butter quickly

If you cut the butter into small cubes, it has a larger surface overall and heats up faster. To speed up the process further, you can put the butter in a warm place while you prepare the remaining ingredients.

This quick trick works like a mini-incubator of sorts. Fill a glass with boiling water, drain the water, and pat the glass a little dry. Then you put the glass over the diced butter. The heat from the jar will help heat the butter faster.

Do you want to relieve some Christmas stress? We have the perfect solution for you! Put the butter in a sealable plastic bag, lay it flat on the table and roll over it with full force with a rolling pin so that the butter becomes flat and soft. VoilĂ ! Are you feeling better already?

Published on December 4, 2017