Can toilet water be blue

Toilet has turned blue - helpeee


we installed the toilet in our half-timbered house 3 weeks ago. It has a special coating against lime and dirt and you shouldn't clean it with an aggressive cleaner.

-> I haven't used any cleaner at all. The toilet is where the water is in it, colored really blue. Tried with the brush, but it can't be rubbed off. What's this????

(OK, better than brown; o) but that can't be, right? What can be the reason ??? - I've never heard of it.

Greetings Annette



I would ask the dealer or the manufacturer, maybe that's the way it should be.

has been

Toilet scented rinse "ouschen" ;-)
inserted / attached?

Hi Uwe,

no, no chemistry has ever touched this toilet with us; o))

LG Annette

Here is a photo:

LG Annette

There are insights here again ........

Looks like the first limescale deposits with stuck filler ink ....... do you have very hard water?

Could of course simply be that there is no coating on it from then on ... so it's best to remove it and examine it under the scanning electron microscope ... ;-)

What does the dealer / manufacturer say about it?

Greetings, Boris

P.S. Is dat worth it with a bowl price from 20 €?

The toilet cost 129: o))). It was the most expensive in the hardware store, but none of the others did not fit under our great shell toilet seat ...

We have no hard water at all. But I don't know any blue lime either; o)

Have any aliens visiting?

You don't know exactly what the .......

Complain or shit ... n.

;-) Boris

It is

better blue than yellow or brown. I never look in there unless I feel bad about it.

The thing

return. Obviously the "achsotollesuper" coating reacts with components of the water. And high-quality sanitary ware should be bought in specialist sanitary shops and not some cheap imports for overpriced money in stores that don't even know what they are selling.
Kind regards
the mason

Blueberries ---

--- also contain incredibly intense colorings.