What makes Quora a unique community

Community management and marketing on Quora.com

Quora is a platform for questions and answers with a voting system, comparable to Reddit. In the USA alone, up to 775,000 hits were registered per month. The platform enables users to ask questions to preferred user groups. Quora can also be used to publish content in the form of blogs. At the same time, subject areas can be effectively searched and subscribed to.



  • Develop expertise and authority for selected topics
  • Register and answer questions about your own product



  • The marketing goal on Quora is not the sale of a product, but the dissemination of knowledge and the development of a company presence



  1. Create the best Quora profile


With each answer an excerpt (the first 50 characters) of the profile is shown, this strengthens the branding. The profile should contain the product / company name and can be filled with clickable links. Topic-specific profile information can also be displayed, depending on the topic. In this way, the expertise can be strengthened on a regional basis. The relevant subject areas should be maintained in the profile and detailed information about expertise, interests and locations should be available.


  1. Track topics using notifications


All relevant subject areas, be they in the form of questions, blogs or users, should be followed. E-mail notifications can also be set up.


  1. Answer the best questions


Relevant questions should always be answered. In particular, questions with many upvotes should have priority, as these signal a frequent use of the question. New questions also offer potential, as an early (and qualified) answer can ensure a good answer placement.


  1. Design answers perfectly


Well-written answers can be used to gain authority for a topic. Good answers are ideally kept short and precise and refer to external sources. The basis for this is created by a range of statistics, sources and references. Furthermore, the answer should be written personally, specific and formulated with passion, while maintaining a good focus on the topic.

  1. Link blog posts


Every text (e.g. blog post) that addresses certain problems or questions can serve to increase the reach on Quora if it is cited as a further source in answering relevant questions. To do this, the questions that the text answers must be researched and answered accordingly on Quora.


  1. Create a Quora page


Quora can - similar to Wikipedia - create pages for special topics. The topic is named accordingly and provided with a brief description. Quora users can then be asked to review the topic. In this way it can be checked whether users interact with the product. At the same time, the brand presence on Quora is strengthened.


  1. Explore topics / crowdsourced content


What do users ask? The answer is the perfect foundation for blog posts. Any question that relates to a problem explained on the blog can be answered with this one. They also provide ideas and inspiration for further posts. The users can also be asked for their personal opinions. Instead of addressing explicit problems, it is possible to ask for opinions or experiences and to collect all the answers received in one article. With good questions (and the selection of suitable respondents), optimal content can be created.


  1. Formulate the question uniquely and categorize it optimally
  2. Invite specialists to answer [(Select experts with many answers and a high response rate) (https://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/15013095550-crowdsourcing-blog-content-ideas.html#ixzz3agPHUnoo)]
  3. If there are enough answers, this is an ideal basis for writing articles, blogs, etc.


  1. Collect headline ideas


Through the targeted search for special terms and the exclusive display of the related questions, you get insights into the type of questions people ask in relation to certain topics. In this way, your own content can be tailored to the habits of the user.


  1. Customer support


Customer support should definitely be present on Quora. In this way, the discussion about your own product can be positively influenced.


  1. Analyze Quora Statistics


The following statistics of your own questions, answers, blog posts and content can be examined: views, upvotes and shares. In addition, Quora statistics enable you to examine how users come across your own content (via the profile, tagging, or just browsing). You can find out which topics are receiving the most attention.


  1. Start the Quora blog


Quora can also be used as a blogging platform. Especially with regard to link building, this is a good chance to improve your own visibility and relevance on the internet.


  1. formatting


The formatting of the questions and answers should be coherent and meaningful. Bold headlines, numbered lists, linked URLs, @ mentions of users or topics, as well as the insertion of pictures are recommended, if possible.

Prioritization of question and answer on Quora


Inquiries to answer inquiries no longer cost credits. Anyone can send a request to someone else for an answer. Inquiries to answer inquiries are prioritized according to quality and scope. High-priority requests go directly to the intended recipient and other requests are grouped together. The prioritization is based on a number of factors:


  1. How many inquiries the target author receives and then answered over a certain period of time.
  2. Whether the specific question is marked with a topic in which the author has specialist knowledge and / or which is listed in the profile section “What you should know about the author”.
  3. Whether the request is being sent by someone whom the author regularly follows and / or interacts with.


Regarding the notifications of inquiries to answer inquiries:

For high priority requests: As before, you will receive individual notifications for each of these requests:

Also, these requests can be seen on the “write page”. Note: Requests from people you follow always have high priority.


For all other requests: You will receive a notification grouping these requests. If you click on the notification, you will see each request individually:

Block anonymous requests:

With the new Ask to Answer system you can block all Ask to Answer requests from anonymous users.