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Bernd Wedemeyer-Kolwe: Departure. The life reform in Germany

Philipp von Zabern Verlag, Darmstadt 2017
ISBN 9783805350679, hardcover, 208 pages, 29.95 EUR
Living close to nature, naturopathic medicine, healthy nutrition, physical mindfulness - such lifestyles are not new. As early as 1900, in the course of industrialization and modernization ...

Norbert Schmacke (ed.): Belief in the globules. The Promises of Homeopathy

Suhrkamp Verlag, Berlin 2015
ISBN 9783518466391, paperback, 244 pages, 14.00 EUR
There are apparently many good reasons in favor of homeopathy: It is considered to be naturally gentle, safe, highly effective and free from side effects. How exactly homeopathics help, nobody knows ...

Willi Jasper: Magic Mountain Riva

Matthes and Seitz, Berlin 2011
ISBN 9783882216233, hardcover, 224 pages, 19.90 EUR
At the end of the 19th century, the Viennese doctor Christoph von Hartungen founded a sanatorium in Riva on Lake Garda, which quickly became a favorite Dorado for aristocrats, diplomats, scientists, ...

New ways in medicine. Alternative medicine - curse or blessing?

C. Winter University Press, Heidelberg 2010
ISBN 9783825358419, paperback, 349 pages, 44.00 EUR
Edited by Raymond Becker, Serkan Sertel, Isabel Stassen-Rapp and others. Alternative and complementary healing methods are enjoying growing popularity among the population. In addition to naturopaths ...

Ruediger Dahlke / Vera Kaesemann: Illness as the language of the child's soul. Significance of childhood illnesses and their holistic treatment

C. Bertelsmann Verlag, Munich 2009
ISBN 9783570100035, hardcover, 537 pages, 24.95 EUR
"Ruediger Dahlke, pioneer of spiritual psychosomatics, and Vera Kaesemann, child homeopath, describe how childhood symptoms of illness interact with organic and personality development ...

Viktor von Weizsäcker: Why do you get sick? A reading book

Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2008
ISBN 9783518459362, paperback, 341 pages, 10.00 EUR
Published by Wilhelm Rimpau. With an introduction by Klaus Dörner and W. Rimpau. "At the beginning there is the children's question of why. Why do you get sick?" That people don't just ...

Uwe Heyll: water, fasting, air and light. The history of naturopathy in Germany

Campus Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2006
ISBN 9783593379555, paperback, 310 pages, 29.90 EUR
Using the healing powers of nature without medication or surgical intervention was the goal of naturopathy, which emerged around 1800. A variety of procedures have been developed, from showering outdoors ...

Robert Jütte: Samuel Hahnemann. Founder of homeopathy

dtv, Munich 2005
ISBN 9783423244473, paperback, 280 pages, 14.00 EUR
With 16 illustrations. In a prominent place - not far from the White House in Washington - an imposing memorial today commemorates one of the most important German doctors of Goethe's time: Samuel Hahnemann ...

Martin Lambeck: Are physics wrong? About alternative medicine and esotericism

C.H. Beck Verlag, Munich 2003
ISBN 9783406494697, paperback, 176 pages, 9.90 EUR
Many beliefs in alternative medicine and esotericism pose an extreme challenge to today's science. If its central statements, especially those of homeopathy and anthroposophical ...