Is sciatica a hereditary disease

Is sciatica a hereditary disease?

Washington (ND). The enthusiasm of medical professionals to find a gene that is to blame for everything for diseases that cannot be cured or can only be cured with difficulty is unbroken. Now it's the turn of the sciatic pain. According to a report in the US journal "Science" (vol. 285, p. 409), a study of over 300 Finns revealed that the predisposition to the most common cause of pain, the herniated disc, is hereditary in about ten percent of sciatica patients . The remaining cases - 90 percent of sciatica patients - were due to physical strain, such as heavy lifting or other factors at work, or to body size and shape.

The scientists led by Susanna Annunen from the University of Oulu report that a tiny variant in the gene for the cartilage glue "collagen IX" can be to blame for the crippling back pain. Collagen IX is a protein in intervertebral discs that has a decisive influence on their condition.

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