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Darts World Cup 2021 FAQ

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Darts1 provides answers to frequently asked questions about the World Championship of the Professional Darts Corporation.

When will the PDC Darts World Cup 2021 take place?

▶ The PDC World Championship begins on December 15th, 2020, with the grand finale on January 3rd, 2021. There will be a break at Christmas and New Year's Eve.

The Alexandra Palace in London has been the venue for the PDC Darts World Cup since 2007

Where will the PDC Darts World Cup 2021 take place?

▶ The PDC World Championship has been taking place since December 17th, 2007, i.e. the 2008 Darts World Championship, in Alexandra Palace in the north of London, Great Britain.

When will there be tickets for the PDC Darts World Cup 2021?

▶ The tickets for the Darts World Cup were on sale from Thursday, December 3rd, and on sale since Friday, December 4th, 2020. Only entire tables with four seats each can be purchased. A maximum of 1000 spectators are allowed per session.
Update: Only the opening match day was played in front of 1000 fans. All other games take place behind closed doors.

How much do tickets for the PDC Darts World Cup 2021 cost?

▶ Tickets start at £ 160 per table. In principle, the tickets become more expensive as the tournament progresses. In other words, tickets for the Darts World Cup final have to be paid for the most. The current seating plan can be found here.

How do I get to London?

▶ There are three ways to travel to London: by plane, train or car. For the majority, the fastest option is likely to be the airplane. There are five relevant airports in London

  • London Heathrow Airport (LHR), approximately 20 km west of central London
  • Gatwick Airport (LGW), about 40 km south of London
  • London Stansted Airport (STN), about 55 km northeast of London in the county of Essex
  • London City Airport (LCY), in Docklands in the London Borough of Newham on the eastern edge of the city center
  • London Luton Airport (LTN), about 50 km northwest of London in the city of Luton

Deutsche Bahn offers an interesting alternative from € 59. Coming from Germany with the ICE, the journey continues from Brussels in the Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel directly to the city center of London (St. Pancras International station).

If there are several travelers, traveling by car may be the cheapest option. In this case, a ferry is required for the crossing, for example from Calais to Dover.

Which hotel should I book for the Darts World Cup?

▶ Alexandra Palace is located in north London. The area is called Muswell Hill and is in the Haringey district. The place can be reached with the following public transport

  • Underground station: Wood Green
  • Train station: Alexandra Palace Rail
  • Bus station: W3 or shuttle bus

The evening events of the Darts World Cup end relatively late, so that these means of transport may already have ceased operations. Then only the taxi remains. Or you can choose a hotel in north London from the outset that is within walking distance in case of doubt.

Why do the spectators at Alexandra Palace dress up?

▶ What began with a funny hat at the beginning of the millennium has evolved over time into a costume ball. The fans dress up to celebrate the sport of darts. They also hope to be captured in a close-up by the cameras or even to be awarded for the best disguise.

Where is the Darts World Championship broadcast?

▶ Sport1 (formerly DSF) will again broadcast parts of the 2021 World Cup live. Alternatively, all games can be followed via the darts live stream.

Who is the reigning darts world champion?

▶ Peter Wright defeated Michael van Gerwen 7: 3 sets and won the title for the first time.

Who is the record world champion?

▶ Record world champion is Phil Taylor, who won the crown 14 times after having previously been successful twice in the BDO.

Who can take part in the PDC Darts World Cup 2021?

▶ A total of 96 players will compete in the PDC Darts World Cup 2021. The German dart players have several possibilities to fight for a starting place for the world championship. First of all, the top 32 professionals in the world rankings are eligible and seeded. 32 additional places are allocated via the Pro Tour ranking list. In addition, the winner of the Super League Darts Germany is entitled to start in the first round of the World Cup.

What does the darts world champion get?

▶ The darts world champion receives a prize of £ 500,000, which corresponds to around € 570,000. He also receives the World Cup, the Sid Waddell Trophy.

Why is it played from 501 points?

▶ 501 is the standard game in darts. The score goes back to the history of its creation. In the beginning, the points were noted on a so-called "cribbage board", which is part of a traditional card game. The odd number has proven itself over the decades, as players cannot only use the 20 segment to downplay points to zero.

Why are the numbers arranged this way on the dartboard?

▶ Brian Gamlin invented the arrangement of numbers on the standard board in 1896. This positioning, which is also mathematically almost perfect, has been retained until today.

How many sets are played at the Darts World Cup?

▶ The mode increases as the tournament progresses. While the best of 5 sets is played in the first round, a maximum of 13 sets must be completed in the final. A set consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 legs.

Which numbers cannot be thrown out?

▶ With three darts it is impossible to throw 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162 and 159 if, as in the World Cup, a double field is required at the end. A maximum of 110 points are possible with two darts. The paths of the professionals are listed in the Outchart table.

What is an average?

▶ The average indicates how many darts are needed on average for one or more legs. Any doubles that were missed will be taken into account.

What is a 9-darter and what are the options?

▶ The 9 Darter is the perfect darts game. There are 71 different ways to end a game of 501 and double out. A list of all thrown PDC 9-Darters can be found in the corresponding section.

How do darts professionals train?

▶ The duration and type of darts training differ from professional to professional. An overview of the most popular training games can be found here.

How heavy are the professional darts?

▶ The weight of the professional darts differs and depends on the preferences of the respective player. The weight ranges from 12 grams for Stephen Bunting to 32 grams for Ryan Searle.

How do I become a professional darts player?

▶ The direct route to the Professional Darts Corporation is via the so-called Qualifying School. Two ten-day tournaments will take place in February 2021. One in Niedernhausen, Germany, the other in Milton Keynes, Great Britain. A total of 28 starting places for the PDC Pro Tour will be allocated there.

How much do professional darts earn?

▶ The income of professional darts is made up of several factors. The most important point is the prize money of the darts tournaments. Furthermore, professionals get paid for participation in invitation tournaments or show events, so-called exhibitions. In addition, successful professional athletes are always equipped with sponsorship contracts that cover travel costs and may include shares in sales.

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