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Memorize / recite records in the Pi

In addition to the classic hunt for as many PI digits as possible, there is also a competition for memorizing the Pi sequence of digits. There is a small group of pi freaks who can memorize thousands to tens of thousands of decimal places of the circle number and then recite them later from memory. The best of them even make it into the Guiness Book of Records.

The current world record in memorizing the number PI the Indian stops Suresh Kumar Sharma with said 70,030 decimal places. The record was set on October 21, 2015. The lecture lasted a good 17 hours. He replaces the previous record holder Rajveer Meena, who called up 70,000 positions in a competition at the VIT University of Vellore. It took Rajveer around 9 1/2 hours to count all the digits. So it was much faster than the new record holder. At that time, Rajveer replaced the Chinese Chao Lu, who was able to defend his Pi record of 67,890 positions for 9 1/2 years against the competition. The Chinese had needed significantly more time to recite PI, however, his record stretched over 24 hours.

Incidentally, we are lagging a little behind in terms of records in this country. The German Pi record of the Offenbach police officer and memory acrobat Susanne Hippauf is 11,104 decimal places and was set up as part of the fourth Emden Pi competition. Update: In the meantime, Frank Mertens has improved the German record to 15,320 decimal places.

By the way, in the Pi World Ranking List you can discover and admire a lot more records and memory skills.