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Culture : I saw your picture completely uncovered

He has just learned his craft from scratch. Back then, as Kapellmeister in Gelsenkirchen, Karlsruhe and Hanover, Christian Thielemann naturally also had to conduct operettas. And he's been doing it again since 2010: at the ZDF year-end concert from the Semperoper, together with the Dresden Staatskapelle, of which he has been director since autumn. Now the third New Year's recording is freshly pressed - and Thielemann hits the right note again with Emmerich Kalman: snappy and fiery in the csardas and polka pieces, silky and supple in the puccinesque waltz cantilenas.

Piotr Beczama is at his side as a soloist with a fitting Slavic influence. Beczama's lyrical tenor has slowly matured in the repertoire of the big houses, when Rolando Villazon's vocal crises began, he was catapulted into the front row. Exactly at the right moment. Because now he is in the prime of his ability: “I saw your picture completely uncovered, just as I never saw you”, he languishes in the hit from Kalman's “Violets from Montmartre”, “Kiss me, I begged - and you, you you said yes. “Beczama radiates passionately through the requested concert numbers until the hall races.

When Christian Thielemann puts the Wagner scores aside to contemplate the world through a champagne glass (as it is called in the “circus princess”), his record company Deutsche Grammophon is of course happy about the populist infidelities. The only spicy thing is that Thielemann flirts with the light muse at the Semperoper, of all places - where the last independent operetta theater in Germany is located in Dresden.

Far out, in the suburb of Leuben, the state operetta takes place in a provisional arrangement from 1947. Since 2002, the brave troupe has been promised a move to the city center, new locations have repeatedly appeared and been discarded, currently it is said that a former power station at Dresden- Mitte will be converted into a cultural center for 86 million euros by 2016, which will house the “Young Generation” theater and creative companies as well as the State Operetta.

The federal and state governments have just promised ten million euros from the “Urban Redevelopment East” for the project, but one cannot really trust the peace yet. After all, it was only after a tough struggle that the city council decided to tackle another major project at the same time, namely the renovation of the Kulturpalast from GDR times across from the Frauenkirche for the Dresden Philharmonic. By the way, the Thielemann’s ZDF New Year’s Eve concert in 2012 would have failed without the collegial help from the entertainment theater people. After the originally engaged star soprano Diana Damrau called in sick at short notice, Ingeborg Schöpf saved the evening from the state operetta. Frederik Hanssen

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