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RGB gaming computers: glowing powerhouses

Illuminated gaming PCs

April 19, 2021, 11:50 am RGB - These three magical letters turn a gaming PC into a luminous design object. Here you can read what distinguishes an RGB computer and where to find the imposing computers.

A gaming PC with an RGB setup lights up in 1001 colors.

For many gamers, there is hardly anything more boring than a gaming computer with an ordinary office look. Such a simple black case does not come into the house or on the desk for many. If you want to put your gaming machine and the whole room in the limelight at the same time, you can buy an illuminated RGB computer. But RGB PCs not only look impressive, they are also quite useful.

RGB PCs: Hardware can look so good

A special feature of RGB PCs are the mostly transparent glass side panels of the housing. They allow a view of the spectacular inner workings of a real RGB gaming computer. So gamers not only enjoy the powerful performance, but also the shiny hardware. Large illuminated fans that rotate like turbines and, if desired, light up pulsating, round off the whole look.
But which light sources are actually used? With real RGB PCs, the inside of the housing is not just illuminated by LEDs, but special RGB hardware is installed. Whether mainboard, water cooling, RAM banks, graphics cards and more: These and other components are also available in illuminated RGB versions - and they are the real highlights of an RGB setup. Only for the finishing touches some still build LED strips into the housing. VoilĂ , the light spectacle is ready!

Thanks to RGB, the peripherals of the gaming setup can also shine wonderfully and match the PC.

RGB peripherals: the surrounding area also lights up

For some gamers, the RGB PC is far from enough. For true RGB enthusiasts, everything from A to Z has to fit and be coordinated. Ergo, the periphery must also shine. For this purpose, there are illuminated keyboards, headphones, mice, mouse pads, monitors and more, which together with the RGB PC conjure up an atmospheric play of light in the gamer's corner. And that's why RGB PCs are also useful, because thanks to the illuminated keyboard, all input commands are in place. In addition, many systems can optically indicate how hot the CPU is at the moment. The whole setup then changes depending on the temperature, for example from blue to red.

RGB gaming PC: there's more

But the most colorful lights are of no use if they flicker uncontrollably. Not only does that look unappealing, it can even be annoying while gaming. In order for the system to shine as if from a single source, the desired hardware must first be compatible with one another; Starting with the motherboard with an integrated RGB controller, which can be used to control everything via software. Clamping any number of parts to the motherboard without a plan therefore rarely leads to success. And even with compatible hardware, it can happen that individual components do not want to play along at first. Here, however, appropriate updates usually help out of a jam.

With the right control software, the lighting of the individual RAM bars and all other RGB components can be adjusted as required.

Countless possibilities via control software

As soon as everything is connected, the light settings are screwed on using synchronization software. Many use iCue from Corsair, for example. It is one of the top dogs on the market because of the extensive setting options and because iCue now also supports Asus mainboards. This software can be used to control and adjust all connected and compatible RGB components. If you like, you can have the entire RGB setup shine constantly in a color of your choice, or set a colorful play of light from automatically changing colors. Individual keys on the keyboard can be illuminated and highlighted accordingly if desired. When it comes to lighting, the user has countless options at hand. Everything can be regulated down to the smallest detail. Not only the colors, but even the fan behavior can be controlled via iCue.


If you fancy such a great RGB system, you don't have to be a computer expert and assemble everything yourself. Computer retailer we One.de will take over the job. Incidentally, he set up his own gaming PCs together with COMPUTER BILD. The available COMPUTER BILD editions can also be equipped with RGB hardware via the components menu. This is child's play, because incompatible parts are not even displayed or marked accordingly. To the range of COMPUTER BILD editions.

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