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E-Mail Marketing Software & Tools in Comparison

Marketers use email marketing software to design, personalize and send promotional emails or newsletters to appropriate target groups. While e-mails with advertising content are mostly aimed at individuals and small groups of people, regular newsletters are often sent to all contacts or to certain customer segments. Since many contacts can be reached very cheaply, email marketing is a very exciting channel that continues to enjoy great popularity.

Which functions e-mail marketing software contain varies depending on the provider. In principle, marketers can use newsletter software to design and create customized emails using HTML and CSS. As a rule, the providers of e-mail marketing software also provide easy-to-use, visual editors with which e-mails and newsletters can be implemented in scripting without any prior knowledge. When sending newsletters, not only security but also legal compliance must be observed. It is therefore extremely important that the email marketing tools have functions that comply with the far-reaching data protection laws in certain countries, such as the GDPR in Germany. This includes, for example, that all recipients must have consented to receiving the emails with a double opt-in. In addition to creating and sending targeted marketing e-mails, e-mail marketing tools can be used to segment recipients, manage newsletter cancellations and track opening rates, length of stay and link clicks.

Often times, email marketing tools are integrated with CRM software or the tools themselves function as CRM systems. In this way, the functions for segmentation that are usually already available in e-mail marketing software are expanded and addressees can be addressed in an even more targeted manner. Also, email marketing is often a critical component of marketing automation software, which is why software occasionally appears in both categories. Overall, the e-mail marketing category includes products that have their focus or origin in e-mail marketing or that are clearly individual solutions for e-mail marketing.

The reviews and experiences of email marketing software enable you to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the respective software providers and to find the right email marketing tool for your company.

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